Discover Offices: One Stop Shop Offering Customized Office Spaces For Buying Or Lease Across Mumbai

Mayur Shah,Partner at Discover Offices

Mayur Shah

Partner at Discover Offices

India is a growing economy and is also one of the biggest outsourcing hubs. This creates a demand for office spaces as the micro-office work culture and coworking has kicked in as newer concepts. To cater to the demand for working spaces, the metros have some leading service providers and Discover Offices is one in the league. Discover offices offers Commercial Real Estate Services across Mumbai.

We are experienced professionals creating our niche space in all the commercial micro markets of Mumbai. We are a dedicated team working towards having a strong, authentic, and perfect database of more than 15000 office owners and investors wanting to give their premises on rent &for sale.

Discover offices has the maximum number of furnished and unfurnished office options in Mumbai to suit any kind of requirement. Our team consists of technical experts for layout design and execution as well legal experts to support our clients hence giving a holistic solution instantly under one roof. We provide authenticated pricing, enabling our client to take an informed decision”, says Mr.Shalin Shah, Partner at Discover Offices.

A Next-Gen Consultant
Discover Offices caters to office space requirements from family owned businesses to medium and large corporate houses. The dedicated team constantly updates the latest inventory in commercial real estate. Solutions provided by the firm are customized as per the client’s requirements and a sturdy CRM helps to do so as it is able
to provide instant options as per the requirement with authentic data and visuals so as to shortlist the options within clients’ boardrooms. Discover Offices is able to deal with complex requirements in a simpler manner due to their expertise.

“We follow the mantra of creating a Win–Win environment for any transaction leaving our clients satisfied. We are a new generation consultant using all the latest technology to serve our clients with speed and accuracy”, says Mr.Mayur Shah, Partner at Discover Offices The major USP of the company lies in the thorough process that assures end-to-end transparent assistance at the best prices. From documentation handling to agreement finalization, Discover Offices helps its clients in all crucial tasks involved by acting as the main POC.

The other services are negotiation services, inspecting the property, marketing, dealing with lease arrangements, assisting the buyer/seller with the value of the offices, and helping with other services related to Interior design,liasoning, finance & legal.

Shalin Shah,
Partner at Discover Offices

Willing to Partner with New Entrants Across India
The straight forward vision of the company helps align toward the unified goals across teams. It is to be the leading
real estate service provider in the Mumbai region and other metro cities. Discover Offices consistently strives to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust, which serve to build enduring client relationships.

It is for this dedication that the commitment and the principles stand at par with the mission i.e. to become trusted advisors for clients’ acquisitions, dispositions, and leasing needs and to develop long-term client relationships by providing exceptional brokerage services that drive unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Buying or selling commercial property doesn’t have to be a challenge. Through its years of experience, Discover Offices has had the pleasure of helping clients buy or lease properties at a reasonable rate. Using its skills and expertise, it can assist its clients in achieving real estate goals by consulting them on different leasing, buying, or selling strategies and helping them find the right space for the right price. The future for Discover Offices lies in identifying opportunities in other metro cities and partner companies willing to enter Indian markets.