DigitalBulbs: Imparts B2B & B2C Digital Strategies to Generate Tangible RoI for customers

Amit Suri,Founder & CEO

In India, compared to other developing /developed countries, digital marketing is still at a very nascent stage where majority of companies (outside IT/ITES industry) are clueless as to how to go about in the digital space, what areas to focus, how to define short term and long-term objectives, what technologies to implement and finally what outcome they should expect. Many of them at times even opt for digital agencies but majority of these agencies fail to deliver what they promise to enterprises in terms of RoI and lead generation. Fathoming the gravity of these blatant scenarios, Amit Suri (Founder & CEO), a seasoned digital marketing professional with over 20+ years of experience, founded DigitalBulbs few years back. Before starting Digital Bulbs, Amit was leading Sales for commercial business for Adobe in India & South Asia. Today, Digital Bulbs not only implements B2B & B2C digital strategies but also emphasizes on leads generation & conversions. The company also focuses on B2B seminars and generates leads from each webinar for its customers.It also provides corporate workshops and trainings in Digital Marketing and related areas.

“Today nobody is interested in just content & gyan; they look mainly on tangible RoI and ways to generate leads forthemselves & their partners. Businesses don’t have patience to wait for one-two years to see RoI; rather they want RoI from beginning. Customer wants results right from first quarter.
DigitalBulbs is primarily focused on this front and we do this in couple of ways – Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Webinars, SEO and other Digital Marketing Services. We create a blueprint with the customer for defined objectives considering both short term & long term goals and allocate budget and resources accordingly,” adds Amit.

"create a blueprint with the customer for defined objectives considering both short term & long term goals and allocate budget and resources accordingly"

With its unique package of services comprising of SEO, Social Media Management, Lead generation, Webinars, Content Marketing, and more; Digital Bulbs is focused on B2B customers and helping companies across India, Singapore, Europe & US in generating tangible benefits from various Digital Marketing Services. DigitalBulbs also provides corporate workshops& trainings to senior management. Most of customers have been with them for over two years now. Some of the leading companies where DigitalBulbs has provided services are Tata Tele Services Baltra, Sterling Wires, Horizon Concepts, FDDI, Signarama, Bimtech, Little Millennium & many more. The company is a team of 25 plus experienced Digital Marketing Professionals and are continuously growing. For example, the social media team focusses on leads and increasing awareness, PPC team is Google certified, the well-qualified content team focuses on overall content strategy for customers including reputation management, content syndication, case studies, blogs, press release and more & so on. This distinct approach of entire team to craft Digital Strategy from customer objective gives Digital Bulbs an edge over its competitors.

The business strategies are built based on the customers’ strengths,
key target markets, type of business they are working on, and others. Apart from rendering blueprint for short & long-term goals, DigitalBulbs assists clients in achieving these goals wherein it furnishes them how to set their goals, what to look at, what budget to allocate for short & long-term goals and how to measure RoI. Furthermore, it helps clients to generate leads immediately, right in first 30 days.

Unlike others, DigitalBulbs doesn’t suggest clients to invest large amounts in Technologies like analytics, conversion rate, and others but focuses on client’s revenue and as it increases so does investment in technologies. Rather than recommending expensive analytical tools from day one, this client-centric firm goes in a phased manner where it first informs customers about the entire plan – what they are going to achieve in three months, six months, one year & so on. Furthermore, looking at the project success and client’s financial status, it also advices them to invest in long-term projects & technologies over a period of time. It is this individualized approach that has helped DigitalBulbs work with over 150+ clients. Its main clients are in the areas of IT services, office interior, education, manufacturing, services, consumable durable and others.

Alongside, the company also provides measurable training & consulting to the top management on areas of B2B & B2C leads generation under the brand name Digital Directions. Enriched with such features, DigitalBulbs is looking forward to associate with various organizations outside the IT/ITES space and increase its clientele base three-fold by 2019. Mean while, it also envisions adding more offices internationally and increasing its employees in coming months.