DesiCrew: Bringing Combined Capabilities of Humans and Next-Generation Technology

Manivannan J.K,CEOToday, data has become one of the key raw materials to every enterprise, irrespective of industry vertical. Furthermore, with increasing use of AI & ML significantly increasing, the demand for structured data that can be fed to the AI & ML driven systems has been growing unprecedentedly. Everyone is on a race track to accumulate structured data, so as to drive business intelligence into operations. However, refining data which defines a business is a complex process; from security and privacy issues, quality control, deliverability, to its usability among others. Perfectly understanding the demand from the current market, DesiCrew has been combining the capabilities of humans and machines/technologies to deliver breathtaking project execution with unparalleled quality and speed.

With more than a decade of experience, DesiCrew brings the needed agility and expertise to seamlessly execute projects for its clients, DesiCrew has been incubated out of IIT-Madras which began its journey back in 2007. The consistent and flexible service with a cost effective business model and the qualified talent and resources help them in delivering business value to our clients at every step from BFSI, startups to e-commerce giants. It has been catering to customers from all over the world, right from US to Europe, and as well as the APAC regions.

"We've been serving global clients for more than a decade now with the needed service excellence and flexibility in our approach to help them transition seamlessly to a digital-
driven operational workflow. We have more than 1000 stable and certified workforce, of which more than 40- 50 percent have been with us for the last five six years. Another major USP apart from these is our domain expertise," signifies Manivannan J.K, CEO at DesiCrew.

Enhancing Customer Experience
Digital content has become the DNA of organizations. The company has the needed expertise when it comes to working on tools which are available in the market today, from simple tools to the most complex, and state-of-the-art tools, which can process the long videos. DesiCrew has been providing digital content services that encompasses the process of the delivery of digital media from the content provider to the consumer, irrespective of the media platform. It has been success-fully delivering Digital Supply Chain services across the value chain that helps in enhancing customer experience to the optimum.

Building a Hybrid Future with Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) Machine Learning
DesiCrew has been leveraging the capabilities of humans and technology to bring a combined solution which can undertake real-world challenges by implementing AI expertise along with humans' data processing skills. Machine learning is powering most of the recent advancements in artificial intelligence including autonomous systems, computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics. One of the big challenges for organizations looking to make use of advanced machine learning models is getting access to large volumes of clean, accurate, complete, and well-labeled data to train their own internal models. This is where DesiCrew's expertise comes into play.

"We're the one of the early companies who were incubated and that gave us the opportunity to have an understanding of different industrial domains, thus giving us access to various technologies and the research capability of IIT-Madras itself," recalls Manivannan.

DesiCrew always had access to good talent because of the IIT ecosystem and have been able to work across places such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa as well as India from a service rendering point of view.

The increasing proliferation of pretrained models and models-as-a-service will move an increasing amount of data labeling to automation over time, and shift humans to more complex tasks. We at DesiCrew are prepared with Automation tools and trained resources to cater to the demands of the Market.

We want to be recognized as a partner, who can deliver services which can help clients reap the optimum benefits out of data AI & ML. For that, we have also included consulting services with respect to ML solutions, even validations, thereby going beyond the data preparation capabilities," concludes Manivannan.