Delivery On Time: Built to Bridge the Gaps with Promising Logistics Solutions

  Md Sanawar,   Founder & CEO

Md Sanawar

Founder & CEO

The dearth in the market for quality delivery nudged the product or the solutions industry to thrive against all odds to invest in their logistics for survival. Hence came the emergence of budding technologies and businesses that strengthened the logistics industry and the competition stays as cutthroat as from a chunky plant to a needle, it can all be delivered in an unimaginable length of time. One of the many industries that benefited from the strengthening of logistics, was the baking industry as baking goods are perishable and can easily spoil while transporting. Leveraging the opportunity in the logistics sector, with improved services, Delivery on Time started its venture in 2018, in Kolkata, to benefit its clients in the baking industry with quality and timely delivery across the city. Delivery On Time ensures cakes, groceries, and food are delivered to the desired location with just a swipe in the app. The customers can book a ride to the desired location too.

Driven to Assure Quality
Delivery on Time was on a quest to find the exact type of industry that can solidify the logistics game and besides, be a class apart in its services. The company saw a huge potential in the baking industry, which boasts to be a billion-dollar industry and only aspires to grow more. The credit goes to both the passion driven baker that can transform the wildest imagination into a delicious art piece and the cake lover who can devour the delicacy, savoring every bite. Although the

industry is huge in terms of commercial share, it comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to logistics.

The most common problem in the baking industry is the spillage of the products in the transfer. “The baker bakes with love and passion and behind every intricate design that you see on your cake, is hours of practice and steadiness. The art and the effort would go in vain if the cake is spilled or the design is disrupted on the way. Imagine the disappointment of the customer who ordered it on a special occasion and the outcome was a disaster. We had to step in to address the situation for both the parties”, says Md Sanawar, Founder & CEO, Delivery on Time.

An Extra Rider to Avoid Spillage
Deliver on Time changed the game with a simple, yet practical solution an extra rider on the vehicle. The solution was a clever move on behalf of the brand as most of the other contemporaries were only strengthening their services on the parameter of time while Delivery on Time manifested in quality as the truest strength. The primary driver would just be concerned about hustling on the road while the rider behind would ensure that the cake or flowers are intact. So that when they reach the end consumer, the texture would be the same as intended. Besides, the consumer can send out the picture to the baker to confirm the quality and this move for authentic support doubled the trust of the clients in the company.

Delivery on Time has come up with a unique solution that helps preserve the art and taste of the baker and the delight of the eater

Delivery on Time has suffered many challenges while on the way to becoming the go-to name for the delivery of baking goods. Despite all odds, it focused on learning and improvement. For the next five years, the company is focused on expansion and further plans to cross the 900crore benchmark.