DB Schenker: Offer Innovative and Responsive Logistics Solutions

Vishal Sharma,CEOThe global refrigerated transport market is currently witnessing robust growth. Since the food products and raw materials require controlled temperatures during transportation for storage and prevention of spoilage, refrigerated transport has become integral to the distribution process. As the world of transport refrigeration continues to evolve, DB Schenker, one of the leading providers of integrated logistics services in India, offers a complete range of international air freight, ocean freight, contract logistics, and global supply chain solutions from a single source. With 35 office locations and 52 warehouses covering more than 3.5 million sq. ft. of warehousing space in India, the company serves its customers' end-to-end logistics solutions across the world. Along with this, with the support of company's worldwide network of branches, DB Schenker in India connects all-important global economic regions and offers tailor-made logistics solutions as per customers' requirements.

Moreover, India is a priority market for DB Schenker globally, and with the growth triggered by the implementation of GST, the company is aggressively focusing on developing local logistics capabilities to capitalize on India's growing market. To do so, one of the key strengths is digital technology. The company believes in transforming operations and drive reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through the deployment of advanced technologies. Their warehouses are equipped with technologies to enable developments like radio frequency, consignment scanning features, and RPA. The company is also using various IoT platforms, including finger scanning, auto labeling, auto scanning, and auto packing,
etc. for the customers. “As we plan to scale up operations in India by expanding our warehousing capacity, we are also aggressively focusing on implementing digital solutions capable of processing shipments at a quicker pace, which will further aid in streamlining operations across the supply chain”, explained Vishal Sharma, CEO, DB Schenker.

Digital products and Services in Logistics
The company started its operation in 1996. Today, DB Schenker covers a broad spectrum of sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, electronics, industrial, automotive, retail & consumer. To keep pace with the ever-evolving industry demands, DB Schenker, with its online platform eSchenker, provides fluidity and transparency as it includes features like track and trace capabilities. Similarly, their Connect 4.0 Ocean simplifies the logistics process to three simple steps ­ click, ship, & done. It allows customers to customize their shipping services with real-time instant quotes and the ability to book and track a shipment with 24/7 online visibility from pick up to delivery.

DB Schenker covers a broad spectrum of sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, electronics, industrial, automotive, retail & consumer

Furthermore, the company also provides various supplementary services, from customs clearance, co-packing, fulfillment, production supply, project shipments, fairs, and exhibitions services to eco-friendly transport and last-mile delivery. For DB Schenker, the healthcare sector is one of the most critical sectors. The company develops supply chain solutions to ensure that time and temperature-sensitive products reach their destination safely. Additionally, DB Schenker has launched an e-suite comprising online booking platforms for FCL, LCL Air, E-Booking & E-Tracking. The company has also developed a unique product Schenker White Glove Services, which provides end-to-end logistics & supply chain services, including freight, last-mile delivery (technical delivery) for removal of packaging material to their customers who are into cloud computing & data center services.

DB Schenker aims to develop solutions that would help the customers manage their supply chains, optimize inventories, and significantly reduce logistics costs. Even in the prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company started charter operations comprising 25 charters for both imports and exports between IN & US, EU, and Asian countries, ensuring timely delivery of supplies. Further, keeping in mind the government's initiative to boost paper-less and faceless transactions under the custom process, DB Schenker manages the customer needs for imports and ex-ports without being onsite and in a paperless manner. “We started the process in lockdown and are continually working on a paperless environment, reporting automation, deployment of bots for monotonous activities and most importantly moving towards digital invoicing with partners and customers”, concludes Vishal.