Data Tantra: Orchestrating Disparate Data Sources across Varied Platforms

Maheshwari Desai,FounderThe world today is witnessing a constant flow of data with the intro duction of new age technologies. Thus, Data Science is one of the most integral aspects of global business today. Data Tantra being a startup and a trusted partner to global enterprises for driving actions for digital transformation outcomes with its expertise in Data Science, Business Analytics AI, and ML. It also caters to mobile development, web development, MLOps, DevOps, Blockchain. "Our clients choose us for our ability to provide contextual AI-powered analytics solutions to solve complex business problems and cater niche technologies to meet our clients' business needs," says Maheshwari Desai, Founder, Data Tantra. Built with a team of experienced and seasoned data scientists and data engineers, the company offers a complete spectrum of software development involved through trust, transparency, and consistency to attaining a vibrant position in the vertical.

Established in 2013, Data Tantra is located in Pune and growing as a pure analytics services company adjusting with the current favorable market conditions for AI and DS. While offering AIML and DeepTech, ML OPs, Web/Mobile App Development with cutting-edge technologies,it concentrates majorly on digital transformations.It works on data fabric, an architectural pattern that dynamically orchestrates disparate data
sources across the platform that supports applications, analytics, and business process automation. It helps businesses meet the need for having the right data just in time, at the optimum cost, with end-to-end governance, regardless of where the data is stored.

"We mainly cater to the energy sector, healthcare industries along with retail and e-commerce space. We are working rigorously to adapt this new cutting-edge architectural pattern to cater to our clients with multicloud, hybrid landscaped solutions and business ready data that will help our clients make datadriven business easily," Maheshwari adds.

The MLOps teams at Data Tantra on the other hand accelerates machine learning models to market thirty times faster ML platforms than the traditional ones

The MLOps teams at Data Tantra on the other hand accelerates machine learning models to market thirty times faster ML platforms than the traditional ones. This provides automated workflows, reproducible pipelines, consistent deployment from desktop to cloud, and secure access to data. However, it is now working with small companies and startups to help them achieve their business goals through state-of-art AIML solutions along with its web/mobile technologies. Armed with a small team, the company is dedicated to delivering with hard work, perfection with dynamic transparent project management, on-time delivery along striving for its customers' success with satisfaction. "We take responsibilities for ourselves, our actions, and our words. We promote a sustainable way of life where we protect our environment," Maheshwari defines.

As accessing data can be a very powerful tool, Data Tantra consciously chooses its business partners and ensures that the technology it develops should stay in safe hands. It strives to provide benefit to people and society as a whole.With a mission to deliver professionalism, perfection, and satisfaction to its customers, by creating visual identities and brand architecture, it is all set to transform its business with state-of-art, data-driven software solutions for its valued customer. "Our primary focus on future is for privacy-preserving data access and fundamental step to break down the biggest issues of our time from COVID-19 to climate change. However, in the future we would like to collaborate with bigger companies being enterprise partners for achieving bigger goals," Maheshwari concludes.