Daisaria Associates: A One-Stop-Shop Evolving Apace with Clients' Needs

Ar. Karan Daisaria,Design Studio Head

Ar. Karan Daisaria

Design Studio Head

Charles Darwin once said, "it is not the strongest of the species nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Daisaria Associates, a 61-years-old architectural firm, serves as the perfect archetype of this theory with its ever-evolving solutions that are synchronized with the need of the hour. This Mumbai-based company stands tall as a one-stop-shop encompassing almost every architectural need from architectural design, interior design, liasoning/government approvals and project management under single roof.

Established in 1960 by Late Ar. Valjibhai Daisaria, and currently lead by Ar. Manoj Daisaria & Ar. Karan Daisaria, the company has worked with numerous reputed real-estate brands across Mumbai & beyond, and successfully completed more than 1000 projects covering well over 13 crores sq/ft of construction area across diverse domains ­ residential, townships, malls, IT offices, commercial buildings and schools among others. This sounds even more impressive considering that every client requirement is unique when it comes to architectural design and every building needs to be designed uniquely. Daisaria Associates has been proficiently formulating such unique creative designs by employing an extremely diverse work-force hailing from over 40 cities across India, which helps the company to explore all the angles and always put its best foot forward.

Diversity & Creativity
Bringing the firm & it's utmost professional ethics of working is Ar. Manoj Daisaria, the principal Architect of Daisaria Associates
who has also been involved in various architecture and real-estate organizations, affirming the firms presence and association in Mumbai's Real estate fraternity. He has been the ex-president of PEATA, and won over 20+ Awards for his contribution to the Architecture & Building Industry, tagging him as one of the renowned architects in Mumbai with over three decades of industry experience.

"We are a female-centric firm where all the four main senior architects are women. This helps us to brings in a lot of sensitivity, which adds abundant value to our projects," remarks Ar. Karan Daisaria, Design Principal Architect, Daisaria Associates, a third-generation architect who learnt the ins and outs of the industry at a very young age. Yet another striking feature of the company is that every project, irrespective of its size, gets shaped as it goes through various levels of hierarchy ­ all the way up to the Principal Architect, before it reaches the client. These qualities have enabled the company to not only win more than 16 awards (including national & international awards), but also to turn its clients into brand ambassadors who spread its fame like wildfire. In fact, Daisaria Associates is one of the most popular firms on social platforms like Instagram, creating buzz amongst aspiring Architecture students with its unique designs & modes of representation.

Ar. Manoj Daisaria, Principal Architect

Daisaria Associates is also an extremely diverse intern-friendly firm that has received over 3000 internship applications over the past three years and has welcomed more than 100 interns from all over India. Diversity, social interactions, personal connections & a sensitive approach towards team building makes this one of the most compel-ling and motivational working environments.

Future Roadmap
Currently, the company has close to 100 ongoing projects on different genres including a National Digital Museum that commemorates the role and position of iconic women of India, Joint Family Homes (a combination of old-age home, orphanage and healthcare center) in outskirts of Mumbai, a township of holiday homes in Pali and many residential-commercial developments across Mumbai. Growing further, Daisaria Associates aims to further broaden its service portfolio by incorporating structural services and expand its geographical presence to other cities as well.