Cuttingedge Translation Services: Speaking your Language with Precision at the Most Comprehensive Price

Devanshu Kalra,,Managing Director

Devanshu Kalra,

Managing Director

The overriding attribute that Language Service Providers (LSP) must strive to ensure in its services would be the quality and accuracy of the work they deliver. Catering to a surprising diversity of domains and languages, Cutting edge Translation Services (Cuttingedge) is an LSP which has adopted sophisticated standards and strategies to ascertain the quality of every project that it undertakes. Housing a global network of 5000+ translators (including in-country linguists) who are specialized in domains like automotive, engineering, health-care, hospitality, automobiles, news, market research, and others, Cutting edge has the capability to serve almost every segment that one can think of. The company assists Indian enterprises to go global and global enterprises to go local while assuring best quality, fastest turnaround, in-country expertise and full confidentiality in its offerings.

Service Portfolio
Cuttingedge translates Patents, Documents, Contracts, Research Papers, Websites, and others, and delivers in 8, 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on clients’ urgency. While rendering these services to manufacturers, global Governments, newspapers and education boards, the company has helped them to extend their reach and/or publicity, while strictly adhering to timelines. Utilizing its transcription and
interpretation services,
Cuttingedge has provided Live interpretation services to business tycoons, celebrities, government officials and heads of states & even transcribed events audio recordings for international programs such as international exhibitions, business summits and games.

Adhering to international standards, Cuttingedge follows strict data safety protocols as defined under ISO 27001 & HIPAA and even offers additional layer of confidentiality to client data

Subtitling services are offered for advertisements, movies and presentations while only experts with command over accent, pitch, softness and modulation in the language are engaged to perform voice overs. With the ability to service a wide range of file formats, Cuttingedge offers multilingual desktop publishing (design & develop brochure, print ads in European, Asian, India and UAE languages) and multilingual staffing (recruitment & placement of language staff) services. Its multilingual e-Learning audits have assisted leading e-Learning companies in creation of learning modules.

Focus on Data Confidentiality & Security
Adhering to international standards, Cuttingedge follows strict data safety protocols as defined under ISO 27001 & HIPAA and even offers additional layer of confidentiality to client data. “We give equal importance to a 1-page document and a 1000-page manual while handling sensitive client data,” says Devanshu Kalra, MD, Cuttingedge Translation Services.
Central Focus on Quality
Designed to deliver services meeting international standards, Cuttingedge adheres to strict quality assessment. Beginning with selection of right employee for project execution, quality assurance strictly evaluates the abilities of personnel before appointing them on befitting tasks. The three-level quality check for accuracy before delivery (eliminating errors, polishing the style and stamping the seal of quality concurrently) followed by client’s feedback on the output & incorporating them makes the delivery more stringent and perfect, precisely to what client wants.

To command greater agility while working on a translation assignment, Cuttingedge hires only native speakers of the language who keeps themselves updated with the evolving terminologies in their respective domains of proficiency. The company aims at long-term success through customer satisfaction by employing the TQM (Total Quality Management) process which implies that all members of the organization are involved in the improvement of products, services and the culture of their enterprise. Cuttingedge also upholds the qualities of transparency, free flow of thoughts, and flexibility to suit the client requirements, which it claims to have appropriated from the attributes of water.

Handling 150+ languages, Cuttingedge caters to global clients from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and India. Established in 2008, the company has acquired prestigious clients such as The Wall Street Journal, AON, Ernest Young, Truecaller, LG and Flipkart along with numerous global governments. It surges on with a vision to lead the language industry and cater to every small and large company worldwide.