Creative Web Mall: Unlocking Efficiency & Collaboration With Digital Workplace Solutions

Sony Surana,  MD & CEO

Sony Surana


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and foster collaboration among employees. An integrated platform for internal communication and collaboration has become indispensable in facilitating employee support and ensuring seamless communication across distributed teams. As the digital workplace becomes the norm, companies must upgrade their technological infrastructure to remain competitive. India-based Creative Web Mall, a trailblazer in the digital workplace solutions space, is at the forefront of this transformation. With its exceptional internal communication capabilities and versatile product lineup, Creative has redefined how organizations operate, reducing employee attrition and boosting engagement to unprecedented levels.

One of Creative's flagship offerings is the Creative Social Intranet, a solution that has transcended geographical boundaries to serve clients in over 30 countries. Designed with Indian corporates in mind, the 'Creative Social Intranet' (VAPT tested secured intranet solution) addresses the specific challenges faced by organizations in a dynamic market. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in providing software solutions for IT, HR, corporate communication, and project management, the Creative team possesses unparalleled insights into corporate challenges, enabling us to develop solutions to target and minimize these obstacles.

Creative offers a comprehensive range of options under the digital workplace solutions category. The company’s powerful intranet
solution revolutionizes employee engagement, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their workforce. Some noteworthy features include employee happiness-index tracking, gamification of intranet activities and employee engagement, helpdesk ticketing for multi-departments and campaigns, employee rewards and recognition, and micro-learning training and onboarding. Additionally, the solution encompasses meeting room and help desking bookings, guest house management, database management and tracking, and AI-powered features.

Creative Social Intranet, a next gen intranet software that boosts employee engagement & internal communication, helping companies increase productivity by 2x

The success stories of Creative speak volumes about the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s solutions. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance entrusted Creative to develop employee appointment scheduling software for COVID-19 vaccination slots. The solution hosted on Creative's servers allowed 1,500 users to seamlessly book vaccination appointments online for themselves and their dependents. Konica Minolta, a global technology company, sought Creative's expertise to overcome internal communication obstacles and improve employee engagement. With a custom-designed Creative Intranet Software deployed for 1,000 users, Konica Minolta achieved its goals in just one week.

Behind Creative's success is its talented management team, led by Sony Surana, CEO and MD and Nisha Surana, Director of digital marketing and UI design, who oversees Online marketing,Web/Mobile/Desktop app development, Project delivery & management. Kusum Surana, CFO, brings over 40+ years of experience in business development and finance industries to the table.

Creative's solutions are available in both on cloud and on premise deployment modes, empowering organizations to have full control over data security and access. The ISO 27001-certified company guarantees that customer data remains confidential and complies with GDPR regulations. To deliver these cutting-edge solutions, Creative leverages an array of technologies and programming languages, including React.js, Next.js, ASP.NET, Big Data, Ms SQL, MySQL, Firebase, React Native, PHP, WordPress, HTML5, Javascript, and Tailwind CSS and many more.

Looking ahead, Creative aims to analyze the current state of the workplace, develop a comprehensive digital workplace solution toolkit for enterprises, foster long term customer relationships, and establish itself as the go-to brand for digital workplace solutions. Since its establishment in 2007, Creative has consistently evolved and adapted to meet the ever changing industry needs, and its future endeavors promise to redefine the digital workplace landscape.