Coworkzen: Making The Workplace More Relevant & Productive

Nayan Verma & Vishal Datt Wadhwa ,FoundersBefore 2020, the office space provider market was more homogenous, owned by a few big companies. The market is seeing new businesses enter, resulting in more competitive offerings and niche office space services. Nowadays, people are not just looking for spaces, but there is an emerging demand for flexibility, facility and culture management, access to an entrepreneurial environment, and affordability.

In today's world, finding the correct balance between pop culture and the utility of space is essential. By making workplaces relevant, Coworkzen enables businesses and working professionals to focus 'zen' on their work and boost their productivity by maintaining a cultural environment on the office campus.

The primary challenge faced by office space providers is the distractions at work that create the most disturbance for employees when they need to focus. Regardless of how technically sound the shared office space is, specific technological challenges are bound to arise every other day. Coworkzen is an outcome of thought that started with an idea to get a fresh interior done for the place for private use; however, it turned out to become a coworking place.

The space at Coworkzen is designed and crafted by a bunch of entrepreneurs who know the requirements that would fit right in, even if you are a budding start-up, a fully grown organization, or even an enterprise.
"Coworkzen has positioned itself with the startups and greatly helped the ecosystem. They grow, we grow!", speaks Nayan Verma, Founder, Coworkzen.

Delivering an Effective Workplace Ecosystem
Coworkzen is not just coworking but a space to cultivate businesses and partners. From the smallest of issues like taking care of daily hospitality needs to maintaining a cultural environment in the office campus which is the need of the hour for the teams, the company gets involved more broadly. It helps to focus and increase the business return while catering to all the infrastructural needs.

The company's support staff is equipped with all sorts of supplementary knowledge that business owners may require for any additional jobs. It frequently executes cultural activities in the workspace, which keeps the environment lively and healthy because the office is where people spend more than 50 percent of their day. Coworkzen has multiple training rooms of different sizes (12-seaters, 35-seaters, and 75-seaters) available for its members for internal meetups, corporate training, educational events, and so on.

"Coworkzen offers coworking space which enables people to experience the benefits of a shared office environment when working on their projects", speaks Vishal Datt Wadhwa, Founder, Coworkzen.

Coworkzen offers coworking space which enables people to experience the benefits of a shared office environment when working on their projects

Coworkzen has the most premium office workplace for SMEs, startups, and corporations, enabling them to focus on their core work within an appropriate environment. Apart from the space solutions, it also provides consultancy services to the start-ups who come on board with them. All the centres at the company have formal or informal meeting rooms and tech-enabled conference rooms. Coworkzen has dedicated desks that are facility- rich desk spaces for rent with a dynamic working environment.

Coworkzen is on a mission to provide a high-end executive-class working space environment to teams of any size. The company has seen a 100 percent quarterly growth in the first 15 months of its operations. The target is to sustain the same and to lead Coworkzen towards greater heights while maintaining the services' quality to the existing clients.