CoSpaze: Technology-enabled Smart Co-working Spaces

Aditya Belwal,FounderTremendous credit to the revolutionary concept of co-working space, freelancers, startups and expanding MNCs can now move out of their hole in the wall offices and magnetize quality clients & employees with posh cabins, pantry, conference rooms, parking, and reception area at affordable rent. Taking it up a few notches with the aid of technology, CoSpaze bestows its clients with a smart working space that permits them to control the environment with voice commands. It takes pride in being the first ever co-working space to implement ‘Build my Cabin’ facility where client can design their own cabin interiors from floor to ceiling.

Without any lock-in period, security deposit or unpleasant surprises in the invoices, this Bangalore-based co-working space provides workstations for 24x7 usage with unlimited high speed internet & back-ups lines, limitless fresh coffee, printing & copier facilities, and various office supplies as part of the membership package. Understanding that its clients’ payments (especially for
freelancers) often get locked with vendors, the company never pressurizes or penalizes them for late payments. “We follow one basic rule: Serve the members. We treat this as a Hospitality industry rather than commercial space provider or real estate industry,” avers Aditya Belwal, Founder, CoSpaze. This explains how this bootstrapped company touched 100 percent occupancy in six months and has been maintaining less than two percent member attrition annually, not to mention its rapidly multiplying revenue.

We follow one basic rule: Serve the members. We treat this as a Hospitality industry rather than commercial space provider or real estate industry

Alongside providing generic facilities, CoSpaze also offers innovative paid facilities like in-house Pick & Drop facility (from & to airport) in company owned Luxury sedans with 100 kms free usage, nominal amount for conference room usage and rentals of iMacs/PCs, and IP Phones. CoSpaze even connects its clients to mentors to help them (as a complimentary service) make business decisions. “Besides hearing their suggestion, we also study our clients’ habits to improve our overall performance. If we fail to address a grievance in 24 hours, we do not charge members for the space till the day it is resolved,” claims Aditya.
Smart Co-working Space Environment
Leveraging technological advancement to the fullest, the company has placed sensors to constantly monitor temperature & air quality and automatically activate HVACS/ De-Humidifiers/Air Filters, which allows members to work for longer hours without any mental or physical fatigue. Likewise, its smart mirrors provide information on weather, holidays, meeting room status, and latest news at glance, while you flaunt your hair. Recently, CoSpaze has installed Alexa to book meeting rooms, know the status of meeting rooms, connect with other members, and control lights, HVACs and projectors through voice commands. Vesting utmost importance on clients’ safety & security, CoSpaze has total CCTV & IP camera surveillance, three-step physical security & two-step biometric clearances, corporate grade hardware firewalls & software, and two-way radios for any urgent communication.

The company efficiently offers its commercial space to clients such as SweSigma,, 64 Inspired Consulting, OMGDIGI and Socview. To assure best services provided, the employees are trained by industry experts on a quarterly basis for basic etiquettes and house-keeping. Currently holding three units in Bangalore, CoSpaze envisions establishing its presence in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai by the end of 2019 and is keen on adding a minimum of 30,000 sq. ft. space in Bangalore by end of 2018.