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Raja Chellan,Founder & CEO

Raja Chellan, Founder & CEO

Once upon a time, marketing meant putting-up a billboard or printing an ad in the newspaper; but the times have changed and this fairy tale has gone digital. Digital marketing is creating a whole new scope for the Brick and Mortar businesses to connect with their potential clients and increase their customer base in newer/existing markets by scaling-up their lead generation and conversion rates in a cost-effective and measurable way. With a vision to assist brands in improvising their marketing strategies, Chennai-based Rankraze is one such leading firm which takes a complete digital marketing approach to serve its customers by offering exclusive range of services that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Online Reputation Management. “Our solutions are aimed at increasing market share and online sales revenues, building stronger brand reputation, and getting higher visibility online. We help enterprises to achieve result-oriented 360° strategic digital marketing approach to stand-out in the crowd,” professes Raja Chellan, CEO, Rankraze.

With a vision to make every innovative development in the digital marketing field convenient, result oriented and efficient for SMEs, the company is continuously reinventing and redefining the way digital marketing is approached in India. Established as a full-service digital marketing agency, Rankraze drives growth with website designing, tracking visitor behavior & conversion and ad performance, attracting right audience, encouraging user engagement, organically increasing page ranking, cost-effective marketing and other development services.

Crafting Effective Marketing Campaigns
“So far, digital marketing in India is more focused on the interaction of the content with the users. But very few agencies are actually paying attention to the data generated at these interaction touch points. Our key strategy includes organizing this data to gain meaningful insights on how the audience reacts to the message. It goes beyond the usual ‘sale or no sale’ binary response. With efficient processing of the data, we aim to get more information about customers, and how to make our solutions more cost-effective and
more functional for our clients,” says Raja.

Believing on the saying, ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’, Rankraze strives to deliver uniquely effective digital marketing solutions for SMEs. Unlike others, the company carries-out complete research for the client business and their requirements, post which campaign blueprint is designed. Rather than deploying default plan of action, Rankraze builds an organic & bespoke campaign plan (focusing on core message) comprising of unique content & approach, wherein existing services are tweaked to best suit the needs of each project. This not only helps the company to expand its capabilities but also bestow clients with stunning & efficient solutions at affordable costs.

"With efficient processing of the data, we aim to get more information about customers, and how to make our solutions more cost effective and more functional for our clients"

Leveraging Technology
Today, majority of digital marketing agencies do not offer satisfactory answers to client queries (what’s being done to make their business stand-out), charge too much for basic services to compensate for freebies and have overall an inefficient customer service policy. Rankraze works hand-in-glove with clients while keeping them involved throughout the process starting from preliminary discussion about expectations and objective mapping to regular reporting, taking their feedback and having an open conversation channel. Alongside, this tech-savvy venture incorporates various upcoming digital marketing technologies such as interactive chatbots, voice search and integrated artificial intelligence and blockchain in order to create compelling and result-oriented solutions for clients. “Creative designing, latest technology tools and software, focus on user-friendly layouts and competitive pricing are the reasons that many businesses trust us to build a great website for them,” avers Raja.

Fortifying the philosophy of ‘Think Different & Do Smart’, Rankaze within few months of its inception has captured the Chennai market. Started with a four-people team, it has grown to a 25 people organization consisting of Tinil Joseph (Technical Strategist), Rishi Ananthnarayan (Lead - Video Production), Veera Mani (Lead Web Developer), Samuel John (Lead - Web Analytics), Divya Ramraj (Creative Content Writer), Nikita Saxena (Lead Social Media Manager), Shyni Tilak (SEO Specialist), and Rehan Guha (Machine Learning Engineer), along with Anderson, Vimal, Siva Ranjini, Tejasva, Ram Prabhu, and Doney, amongst others, as the core strength.
The Next Big Thing
Being the Leading digital marketing company, Rankraze has been keen about training India’s young and fresh talents. “We are constantly invited by top Indian technical Institutions like Anna University, and IITs for various International Technical Conferences, Recently on March 9th and 10th we were obliged and delighted to be part of E-Summit 2019 hosted by IIT Madras. We have presented few important technical discussions like personalized marketing, Data-driven approach, machine learning concepts and artificial intelligence to the participants and felt elated to clarify their doubts during question session,” adds Raja.

As a young firm, Rankraze has gained immense attention in just shut-eye time and worked with hundreds of national & international clients (located globally right from London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Singapore & more) to create stunning websites for their online presence since inception. To stay ahead in today’s cut-throat competition, this employee-centric venture always keeps its team comprising of young & energetic directors and 20 Google Certified associates (posing extensive experience at various reputed firms) updated with the latest technologies and trends that help the firm transform with the customers’ evolving demands.

Adding more feathers to its hat, in the coming years, Rankraze is planning to move from the interaction aimed marketing to ‘data-driven’ marketing with a strong focus on AI-powered customer segmentation and retargeting. Simultaneously, the company is also increasing its involvement in Omni-channel marketing to provide seamless communication prospects to clients. With a vision to be ranked amongst the top 10 Digital Marketing firms in India, the firm is all set to become a Google Partner company. “While Rankraze was founded in 2017, we have been able to earn the trust of our customers with quality services. This has helped us grow our revenue by 90 percent over last year, and we look forward to an even higher figure in 2019,” concludes Raja.

Key Management
Raja Chellan, Founder & CEO
A Data Scientist by profession, Raja is passionate about digital marketing and interested in photography, Travel and playing tennis.He is a great humanitarian, District coordinator of Human Welfare organisation and associated with many NGOs like Nethra India.

Chennai, Bengaluru and Cochin

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