Corpone BPO: Simplifying Communication & Increasing Efficiency With Multilingual Services

Durga Prasad Madasu, Executive Director

Durga Prasad Madasu

Executive Director

Over the years, one aspect of customer centricity has worked wonders for business: “personalization”. As the companies expand their customer base, they need to enable a contact channel where customers can freely contact the organization and get their queries resolved in their preferred language. Identifying a potent BPO partner is already an issue and finding one that offers a multilingual call centre is even more challenging. In this regard, Corpone BPO can be a viable option for businesses wishing to add personalization to claim their customers.

“Our expertise is in multilingual call centres where we handle close to nine Indian languages,” says Durga Prasad Madasu, Executive Director of Corpone BPO. He further adds, “We maximize agent performance, exceed customer expectations, and boost workforce efficiency using connected data, data analytics, automated workforce management, and personalized coaching.”

Durga Prasad Madasu, popularly known as ‘DP’ within the company and outside brings tremendous experience of over 22 years and has worked with companies like Hutchison Max Telecom, ISH (ICRISAT), Hutch, and Vodafone before moving to Corpone.

DP is known for its eye for detail, is diligent, and has complete oversight on the nuances of the operational elements, from onboarding a new client to successfully piloting and ramping up while delivering and even exceeding the client’s expectations. DP instituted several processes at various levels that provide consistent visibility to the
operational parameters and have greater control of delivery spread across different sites. DP is also responsible for Sales and Marketing and market expansion across telecom, education, banking, health, insurance, and other industries. DP is instrumental in taking Corpone from a 50 employee organization to 1400 plus in the past 10 years.

His company, Corpone, began operations 20 years back, setting up GE Countrywide’s very first Call Centre. Today, Corpone BPO now has an expansive portfolios that include telecom, banking, healthcare, pharma, e-commerce, and real estate across various geographies. The company provides inbound, outbound, back office, customer support services, transaction processing, payroll management, collections & receivables management, digital marketing services, remote infrastructure management, and other BPM services.

A highly skilled team of more than 1400 Customer Service Professionals conversant in several languages and dialects deliver exceptional customer experience. Corpone BPO has an installed capacity to handle over half a million calls and transactions a day. Recognized for delivering nothing but the best, Corpone BPO was awarded the leading SME in the BPO space by DUN and Bradstreet and has strong client endorsements, and is certified ISO 27001:2013.

We maximize agent performance, exceed customer expectations, and boost workforce efficiency using connected data, data analytics, automated workforce management, & personalized coaching

Along the same lines, healthcare is another industry where clients receive patient support services like fixing appointments, providing second opinions, and explaining the healthcare services of hospitals and diagnostic centres. Recently, a hospital approached Corpone BPO, seeking help in improving the quality of the patient experience. Their patient satisfaction score was 80-85 percent. Corpone BPO began its work and identified gaps in the skill set of the existing workforce. The team screened, trained, monitored, and ensured regular briefings for them. The result? The patient satisfaction score got enhanced to 97 percent in around two months. In addition, the company set up an SMS-based CSAT score system for the client.

To deliver such efficacies to the clients, the team’s capability has to be top-notch. Corpone BPO has more than a thousand skilled workers trained in various industry-specific customizations apart from the usual contact centre services. They are based in Hyderabad having 1400- 1500 seater call centres spread across Hyderabad. By 2023, the company aims to increase to 2000, and by 2024-25 become a 5000 people organization.