Computer Exchange: Making Robust IT Infrastructure Accessible to All

Naresh Kumar Bothra,Managing Director

Naresh Kumar Bothra, Managing Director

The Indian IT industry, which currently stands at $156 billion, is one of the major growth drivers of the country’s economy, contributing approximately eight percent to India’s GDP last year. With a vast number of supporting initiatives from the Government and the burgeoning demand for the IT services, the number of companies that are foraying into this fertile industry is increasing multifold with each passing day. However, to stay ahead of other competitors in the industry, innovation & strong R&D efforts backed by a robust IT infrastructure is the need of the hour.

Realizing that most of the IT-ITES companies would prefer to invest in manpower and their IT Hardware requirement is project based that need to keep pace with technological advances and having a fast obsolescence rate, Naresh Kumar Bothra (Managing Director) incepted Computer Exchange Pvt. Ltd. in 1986 to offer high quality IT infrastructure assets ranging from high-end Desktops/Laptops/Work stations assets ranging from high-end Desktops/Laptops/Workstations to servers, routers and many
others, to businesses on a rental basis. “We offer all kinds of IT assets on rent to customers, which includes Desktops, Laptops, Workstations Servers, Storage Solutions, Networking Equipment like switches, routers and firewall, and even mobile devices like TAB & smartphones to clients as per their requirements,” affirms Debashish Dasgupta, Head – Sales & Marketing, Computer Exchange.

"Computer Exchange procures Brand New Products from OEM for its Rental Portfolio and use it on Rental till the expiry of Warranty period"

Making Client-Centricity as the USP
What sets Computer Exchange apart from its peers is that it does not offer companies with refurbished products, but rather procures brand new products from OEMs for its Rental Portfolio and use it on rental till the expiry of warranty period. On request of the customer, brand new products are provided even for shorter duration rental. The huge size of product inventory maintained by the company makes it possible to serve clients with urgent requirements. “We have tie-ups with all the major OEMs in the IT sector like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Cisco, and Fortinet, to name a few, through whom we procure equipment directly and deploy at the customers place. Being new equipment ensures that product failure is less and the systems offered are of the latest generation,” explains Vikash Didwania, Head – Operations, Computer Exchange. However, the company does a thorough due diligence before it deploys assets at any customer place, while its rental offer clearly mentions all the
agreed terms and conditions.

Keeping client-centricity as paramount, this Kolkata-headquartered company solves major IT infrastructure challenges such as standardization of hardware with regard to brand & model, and downtime by helping its clients efficiently plan their IT assets deployment, and significantly reducing their deployment time. Computer Exchange has a team of 40+ fully qualified service engineers who visit the clients’ offices periodically to ensure smooth running of all the products.

A major automobile dealer in its growth phase was procuring desktops & laptops every month as they were unable to exactly predict their IT asset requirement, resulting in a sharp decrease in productivity. Computer Exchange offered them a rental option with a standardized brand, model and rate for its equipment procuring. “We maintained sufficient inventory on their behalf so that deployment could happen within 24 hours across all their locations. This helped them to manage their growth better. Over 400 IT assets were deployed over a period of two years for this customer,” Debashish explains further.

The Journey Ahead
From being a small startup in Kolkata, Computer Exchange now has offices in Pune & Bangalore housing a highly experienced and skilled 75 member team. From the present YoY growth rate of 10 percent, the company is targeting its growth to 15 percent YoY by foraying into more cities across India (Delhi NCR being the next immediate region).