Compport: The Smartest Compensation Software

Sachin Bajaj, Founder & Managing Partner,Senem Birim, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Sachin Bajaj, Founder & Managing Partner

Senem Birim, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

HRMS and HRIS has been the courage center of HR operations providing a single foundation of information for employee records welfares administration, talent administrative applications, and workforce analytics. Compport, US-based HR Software company with branches in UAE and India(Gurgaon and Bhopal) has earned reputation in enabling companies to drive the best value out of their investment on people. The company has established itself to close the gap in the Compensation Software market, with a promise of 40xROI.

Compport is cloud based HR software with a focus on Compensation Management, Analytics and Employee Surveys. Being a US based company that operates across the globe, it has representative offices in USA and in Gurgaon, Haryana. Vision of the organization is to transcend the world of Compensation, People Analytics and Employee Surveys through digital magic.

Compport has proven its capabilities in enabling the companies to drive value out of their investment. The organization helps to prepare the settings comfortable for the clients. By a single click, companies are able to generate salary increase grid in just 30 seconds, or bonus or sales incentive plans with a 90 percent less time to-process. The Analytics tool of Compport can give quick insights/ metrics on headcount, productivity, pay ranges, comparative ratio distribution and some predictive insights for engagement risk. The survey module of Compport IT Solutions has more than fifty ready to use
surveys which consists of surveys which consists of surveys on employee life cycle, insight and emotional symptoms.“Compport with Analytics & Survey Tools provides the clients valuable insights not just for data or metrics but which later enables the customers to grab better by taking correct actions for the organizations” says Sachin Bajaj, Founder & Managing partner, Compport IT Solutions.

Compport has proven its capabilities in enabling the companies to drive value out of their investment, with a 40x ROI

The success of the organization is declared through a story. OYO Rooms is the fastest growing hotel chain in the world which functions in around 20 countries and with 25000 plus employees. OYO has used the services provided by Compport to manage the whole compensation cycle. Soon after the six weeks of implementing and integrating the analytical software which Compport facilitated, OYO Rooms has achieved to complete the salary increase cycle in just 13 days, which was previously taking 4 months. Besides the level of efficiency, all complexities are simplified through Compport’s smart and flexible implementation functionalities. Employees and managers were involved and engaged in the process.

Senem Birim, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Elements of financial compensation start by defining compete in the external market place and collecting relevant compensation data. Regarding the compensation process in the organization, the major worry of the client is that there is a lack of digital tool which can serve their compensation processes. Most of the organizations are already using global brands as their main HRIS, but do not utilize the compensation module due to the capability gap and insufficient level of flexibility. Compport can be integrated with any global or local HRIS and serve the needs of the clients for any compensation process. Compport IT Solutions uses ‘digital magic to transcend the world of Compensation/Analytics and Surveys’. With this vision, Compport IT Solutions is looking forward to add new features through Artificial Intelligence. New AI enabled functionalities and features will be offered to clients in the forthcoming years.