Company360: Cost-effective, one stop solution for legal assistance

Akshat Paul & Anu Sharma,Co-FoundersThe legal Industry in India is currently experiencing a wide array of changes with proliferation of smaller law firms, new business opportunities, and the massive entry of foreign law firms. This change has posed new opportunities as well as challenges for legal consultancy firms and professionals. Leveraging this growth with professional `correct' legal advice is Gurgaon based Company360. The company helps founders and business owners with their legal registrations, business compliances, Intellectual Property rights, accounting, legal work and litigation on one single platform backup with solid technology to ensure error free and cost effective service deliveries. "We are a one stop destination for all legal compliances and intellectual property incorporation," says Akshat Paul, Co-founder of Company360. The company provides various services in the area of Trademark registration, Patent Drafting and prosecution, Design/Copyright registrations, Company registrations, Tax registration, GST and accounting.

According to Anu Sharma, Co-founder of Company 360, the company's journey started in 2017 with a goal to ‘bridge the gap'. Having been in the legal industry for years, she realized that often, lawyers would pick cases and offer services based on the amount of finance involved. This, according to her deprived startups and small business owners from experienced, professional legal counsel. She there fore along with Akshat decided to start a legal consultancy company that caters not only to large but small business owners so every company and owner has the legal backing. "As this work requires a high expertise and a keen knowledge of Law, taxation and company laws, we have built an indefatigable team with renowned Lawyers, CAs and employees who ensure the high quality every time," adds Anu.
Legal consultants in the world of lawyers.
The Pandemic opened the digital door for most startups and business owners. Many individuals decided to set up its presence online which inturn necessitated a unique trademark and copyright. The team at Company360 therefore received a lot of requests and experienced a huge surge of demands for its services."We understand that eCommerce is largely dependent on intellectual property instruments like Trademark, copyright, design patents so we ensured that our clients were on top of this while they focus on building their business we ensure their brand is secured and compliances in place"adds Akshat.

Besides, the company in order to upskill the legal workforce in India also has an education initiative ILMS Academy with the aim to bridge the gap between the professional studies imparted and actual employ ability. The institute provides an opportunity to students, legal and management professionals to enhance their skills as required in actual job practices through online portal The courses provided by ILMS Academy are specifically designed by keeping in mind the needs of the Job market and requirements of the companies. Each course content is developed by assistance of leading professionals and their feedback.

The company's specialised services include trademark registration, trademark objection, Contracts, Company registration, Startup setup, copyright, patent, trademark, agreement, founders agreement, nda, esop agreement, design patent, and utility patent. Company360 has cracked some big wins already for their clients one such example is a classic David Vs Goliath instance where an individual client of Company360 won a trademark infringemnt case against a big corporation just because they had proper IPR registrations combined with meticulous legal drafting.

Anu Sharma, Founder
Appreciating the services provided by the company, Arpit Gupta said, "They helped me get my company registered “Chefkart Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” Overall I found company360 to be extremely helpful and professional. They explained to me the process clearly and advised me to open a pvt ltd. after understanding the nature of our work. This company is ideal for people who are starting up. Will definitely recommend them to everyone."

In the future, the company plans to start a technology backed platform which will help its clients establish itself globally too."We hope to continually deliver best-in-class service by expanding in India and other geographies,"concludes Anu.