Commune Coworks: A Contemporary & Collaborative Co-Working Space Redefining Working Culture

Sandeep Devgan,Co-Founder

Sandeep Devgan


A research conducted by Harvard School of Public Health cites that an articulate and colourful work environment plays a major role in building cognitive skills of the employees. Scores for those working in such environments were 61 percent higher than others. Treading on similar lines, Bangalore based COMMUNE COWORKS is more than a physical space provider. Through its fresh design space and innovative ideas built on collaboration, it is focusing on building a global experience for the co-working stake holders. Thanks to its strategic location, it is redefining work commute that allows the co-workers easy access to their home, food outlets and many more. Sandeep Devgan, Co-Founder, COMMUNE COWORKS, explains,"Our space is a very theme based space where people are getting something more than just table and chair".

Going Beyond the Call of Duty COMMUNE takes pride in its diverse crowd that fuels its global touch. With a space like no other, it is divided into theme based floors with ample light and ventilation that adds the extra zing revitalizing co-workers, without compromising on the signature sense of design.
COMMUNE aims to be part of a wider network, partnering with the best quality, trusted service providers from legal, accounting and banking sectors to ensure that clients get the best value for anything that they require. Emphasising on minute details and investing time in planning is the way to go for the COMMUNE team that helps them adapt to different requirement that their clients approach with. For instance, the unpredictability of internet connectivity is mitigated by a network engineers who constantly monitor its usage, speed and maintenance while the privacy is ensured by creating spacious private cabins whilst maintaining the community oriented workspace. "Our client's security is our top priority as any personal or business information is susceptible to leaking," elucidates Sandeep.

COMMUNE’s conference rooms allow easy and professional meet ups of people not only for those who are associated with them, but also for individuals who come in just to use the conference room

This co-working space offers private cabins, and presentation rooms that are fully equipped with projectors, mic set up, and Skype connection. COMMUNE's conference rooms allow easy and professional meet ups of people not only for those who are
associated with them, but also for individuals who come in just to use the conference room for 2-3 hours) with all the amenities intact. Along side, the company's event space is the perfect place to conduct events and other networking gatherings featuring renowned speakers, VCs and veteran entrepreneurs proffering them opportunity to pitch their business and get investment / mentors for their business. Additionally, it also organizes events like food festivals, comedy nights, movie screening to name a few, that further pumps their spirit.

Technology, an Asset

"We are passionate about this industry and the competition motivates us to do better," quips Sandeep. Following this, the company is developing an app for Clients /individuals to book seats/conference rooms on the go. Moving cautiously, it is looking at opening new offices in new locations without compromising on the comfort of its clients while adding more greenery. Coming from a real estate background, Sandeep is well versed with the fact that growing in this rising industry needs exceptional traits to survive and putting his experience to use, he is finding ideal locations and creating client-centric interiors with its in house team that provides an edge over competition. "We want to continue focusing on location, design and really understanding the customer's base. We feel this is the direction we really want to grown in," signs off Sandeep.