Cleantech Tele Tower Services: Setting New Benchmarks in Telecom Project Management Services

B.A. Madhukar, Founder,Suresh N, Sr. Vice President
Team Cleantech Tele Tower Services

India currently stands as the second-largest telecommunications market in the world, with a subscriber base of 1.17 billion, logging strong growth in the past decade and half. At the onset of operational excellence, data explosion and the roll-out of data services like 4G and 5G, Indian firms have picked-up an exclusive interest of investing in the industry. This eventually triggered the Indian Telecom tower industry to swim ahead of conventional business models and stay updated with latest technological advances. Understanding the dire need while realizing India’s potential at the cusp of a data revolution, the 2010-founded engineering services company, Cleantech Tele Tower Services Pvt. Ltd., founded by B. A. Madhukar, Saras V M & Suresh N ardently commits to churn-out opportunities in the telecom-sector based on its strong engineering & quality background.

The company knows no bounds, while exclusively setting-up targets to serve customers requiring services of quality audits, nondestructive testing, pre-dispatch inspections and asset-management. Cleantech’s flagship project management services include subsets like quality audits, non-destructive testing, third-party inspections and cost audits. It embraced a deep-set trend of
maintaining high-delivery standards of services. “While clients face challenges in quality of deliverables provided by their TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) and other suppliers, we help them mitigate or altogethere liminate these challenges even though it may result in no business for Cleantech in the future when they no longer face these challenges,” asserts B.A. Madhukar, Founder, Cleantech Tele Tower Services. In fact there has been a sea change in overall performance of the TSPs when compared to the performance of TSPs in 2010. Hence our tag line 'Quality Assured'.

"Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise is the simple adage that we have internalized at every level in the organization"

From solar roof-top solutions, destructive and non-destructive testing of concrete structures, EB audits, thermal audits, Tower Sway analysis, GBTs (Ground-Based towers), RTTs, RTPs, Upgradation, Tower health-checkup and more, provides an overview of the exhaustive list of services offered by Cleantech. Moreover, keeping up with digital demands, the company developed specific mobile applications to capture data and bringing analytics for all engagements offered to clients. Besides these, the company offers online reporting and geo-tagging to ensure internal targets of perfect delivery. Carrying-out over one lakh quality audits within the last seven years, Cleantech achieved a record of obtaining a near zero percent failure that crowns its level of commitment and performance over peers in the market. “Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise is the simple adage that we have internalized at every level
in the organization and that is paying us dividends, in terms of repeat orders and new customers” states Madhukar.

Quality Deliverables Pave the Way
Incepted as a seedling on a small scale within Bangalore initially, the company’s services today are recognized along nine telecom circles of India covering about 70 percent of the biz volume. This posed a demand for the company to upgrade their skills by involving cross-skilling and automating several processes to effectively cut-down redundant costs for clients.

Having done considerable work among renowned clients like Indus Towers, ATC and others, the company sets itself on a path leveraging a PAN India presence, extending a wider prospective of broadening its services. Furthermore, with an exceptional commitment to deliver only the best, Cleantech is working with various Indian and international partners to develop India-centric solar power products & storage solutions that are expected to be the most sought-after solutions in the renewable energy and Electric Vehicles Space in the near future.

For such distinct services and approach, the company has received the ‘Quality Excellence (Audit works) PAN India award, 2010-11, and Excellent Performance - Gujarat – 2013 award from Indus Towers, and Rotary BSE SME National award for Excellence - Innovative Technology,2016’. Cleantech continues to grow at a steady pace of more than 10 percent annually. Anticipating a robust growth in the future, the company is investing heavily in building capacity and reaching out to collaborative partners to meet this growth.