Claritiz Innovations: Introducing Startups & Enterprises to Outcome based UI/UX Product Design Services

  Ravi Shankar,   Co-Founder

Ravi Shankar


With new technology & products, startups and enterprises are trying to disrupt markets. Turning ideas into software products and building applications are easy, but the scope of innovation, differentiation, and uniqueness stays low in most cases. They need the right design partners to get the ‘product market fit’ and ‘go-to-market strategy’ right. Claritiz Innovations is a unique company in this area that partners with its clients directly in the product success story by supporting user research, getting the right product pitch and telling the story right with the product user experience. The company works with Tech startups, digitalnative companies, and digital strategy for enterprises and focuses on the overall customer experience, adoption, and engagement, rather than looking at the UX & UI in isolation.

Claritiz is a multifaceted design firm that combines the best parts of a business consultancy, product strategy, design agency, and front-end technology to deliver stellar work to its clients. It crafts unique experiences and creates distinctly modern websites, builds inspiring mobile and web applications for both the idea stage and growth stage products, by understanding the right user needs, creating the right design, building the right application with A/B testing, and user engagement, contributing to the
direct growth. It emphasizes business growth by providing elegant solutions to complex problem statements that are easier to adopt and engage. The company, after having a good understanding of the domain, analyses the behavioural data and applies the design thinking process to explore opportunities for innovation in its clients’ businesses. With its unique accelerated innovation workshops, agile sprints and design iterations, validating the product ideas and designs more frequently, Claritiz always helps the product take the right direction and have a direct growth to the business top line.

It operates by targeting the business goals, user journeys and themes rather than focusing on the individual features. Implementing in-depth research to uncover the objectives and design experiences that look smart, elegant, and solve problems in an impeccable way. By digging into the core user and business insights, Claritiz’s experienced team including product strategists, researchers, designers, and developers who enjoy crafting innovative solutions help uncover user goals, the pain points and guarantee actionable, scalable, and user tested ideas. This in turn helps eliminate the market uncertainty and gives the client a strategic edge over their competition. They organize design thinking workshops helping in growth hacking, optimized user journeys and simplifying the complex features.

Claritiz Innovations focus on design and front end development equally. They explore technologies and build UI frameworks that help their clients speed to market. It focuses on the design and pixel perfect front-end development, so clients can focus on the core product. It has bagged recognitions and awards for its design services to a India based top EdTech player, a Lebanon based Fintech startup, the US-based HealthTech, and an India based TravelTech startup. Their Clients recognize the team’s passion for innovation and differentiation and the value addition with deep trust.

Claritiz offers outcome based UI/UX product design services to enterprises and start-ups. It focuses primarily on two services ‘Idea to Prototype’ (typically for 4-6 weeks) and ‘Idea to MVP’ (typically start to go live in a few weeks with continuous iterations and market validations). With their unique experience, they have successfully partnered product management functions with Value UX, a mindset of building software products in an efficient way from the get go. With their differentiated pricing models for startups in different stages, they continue to help their clients position their product better and build coherent marketing pitches and product stories.