Clarico Financial & Advisory Services: Enabling Business Performance through Well-Defined GRC Services

In today’s operating landscape, enterprises across industries require to formulate adequate safeguards in the form of robust processes around governance, risk and compliance(GRC) in order to keep pace with multidirectional changes such as rapid market shifts & technological advancement, political & environmental changes, and complex third party relationships & regulatory scrutiny. While some organizations faced their risk & compliance disputes head-on with insightful business strategies and powerful technology solutions, many are still struggling to reconcile the traditional approaches and legacy systems with the rapid pace of change.
Ankit Jain, Founder
This need of hour is well perceived by New Delhi based Clarico Financial & Advisory Services, that provides innovative & cutting edge GRC solutions. Unlike others, this New Delhi based venture not only performs financial audit, but also takes care of all risks from legal to commercial prospectives well in advance, thereby rendering a riskfree business environment. With an established GRC consulting, two decades of industry experience, and its seasoned & experienced practitioners, Clarico provides strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise.

Any new business methodology needs time to gain clients' trust. Ankit Jain (Founder) faced similar dilemma during the establishment of Clarico. “In initial days, I struggled a lot to convince enterprises to hire consultants who not just update them about various regulations, but also perform implementation & timely renewal of those regulations. But unfortunately, majority of consultants were least bothered about these aspects and they just wanted clients to come-in and do what is required by the statutory. But with growing awareness of GRC services, enterprises started showing their interest
towards integrated & innovative GRC services,” professes Ankit.

The Driving Force
Powered by its three step approach (understanding clients’ needs, execution by experienced resources, and closure of work after client’s satisfaction), Clarico today provides customized solutions by integrating its expertise in internal audit, IT risk & control, business resilience, business control advisory and regulatory & legal compliances. Its industry specific GRC solutions portfolio (combinations of advisory services, methodologies, and plainvilla tools) manages both regulatory as well as strategic aspects. These industry dominated GRC services succor enterprises in better identifying, understanding, and managing the dynamic interrelationships between risk & compliance and incorporating performance & risk management into their daily business activities.

Clarico provides strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise

Clarico’s ability to define & realign governance structure & framework according to client’s objectives enable it to acquire desired control & performance enhancement. In line with this, the customer centric firm also connects with the promoters & process owners, comprehends their requirement, and integrates with their thoughts pertaining to the ongoing challenges while maximizing their returns and increasing profitability in an effective & efficient way. “Performance and risk management are head & tail of the coin. Handling both separately via a silo-end approach is always sub-optimal. We work across offering enhanced value to our clients’ business by entire spectrum of an organization’s operations,” explains Ankit.

The experienced team(CAs, MBAs, CSs, Engineers, & IT Professionals) at Clarico strives to exceed its customers’ expectations without compromising on the quality & time. These associates work together with client’s senior executives to significantly enhance business performance and choose the right course of actions, merging executable strategy, operations and technology.

Foreseeing an interconnected vortex of disruptive technologies, complex business ecosystems and globalizing markets/businesses, Clarico is developing an integrated cloud based GRC software that will not only forecast timeline & regulations, but also showcase what type of risk governance & control should be implemented for better business performance. “Infact, we are trying to create a synergy where the company’s promoters will get automated emails from their employees stating the timeline and controls control lapse,” concludes Ankit.