Circuit Parts: Streamlining Electronics Sourcing & Manufacturing with a Consolidated Platform

Deepak Reddy,  Co-Founder

Deepak Reddy


The electronics industry in India is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to the initiatives such as Make in India and Digital India, as well as rising incomes and increasing product demand. These factors have led to emerging manufacturing opportunities and cost-effective labor, making India an ideal electronics manufacturing and design hub. However, the current process of sourcing components and manufacturing and assembling printed circuit boards via a fragmented ecosystem of suppliers and manufacturers is inefficient, time-consuming, and costly for hardware designers and product manufacturers. Circuit Parts aims to revolutionize the electronics industry by offering customers a comprehensive platform for all their sourcing and manufacturing needs. This allows customers to focus more on product design instead of dealing with the challenges of finding reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Circuit Parts was born out of the founders' personal experiences and frustrations within the industry. “As a hardware design engineer, I often spent a lot of time vetting suppliers and manufacturers, splitting orders across various suppliers, dealing with inconsistent quality, supply chain disruptions, increased costs and lack of coordination and communication”, states Deepak Reddy, Co-Founder of Circuit Parts. Circuit Parts addresses these challenges by focusing on three key areas consolidation, quality, and customer support. By optimizing the entire supply chain, Circuit Parts minimizes communication issues, delays, mistakes and manual work.

Circuit Parts simplifies the process of buying electronic components, ordering PCB manufacturing and assembly services by providing a seamless one-stop solution. This eliminates the hassle of visiting multiple websites or dealing with multiple suppliers. “We work with highly vetted partners around the globe giving our customers access to virtually unlimited manufacturing capabilities through a single trusted partner”, states Reddy. Moreover, Circuit Parts offers inventory management systems for electronic components and supplies that seamlessly integrate into their platform's ordering system, allowing for quick and easy ordering.

The company prioritizes customer satisfaction by implementing stringent quality control measures. “When you rely on multiple suppliers, each with their own manufacturing processes and quality standards, it becomes difficult to maintain consistent quality across all components or raw materials”, explains Deepak. The backend team at Circuit Parts verifies every order thoroughly ensuring accurate delivery times. The team carefully handles all orders in a cleanroom environment and delivers them with secure packaging and detailed handling instructions

While Circuit Parts is in its early stages, the company has a distinctive vision for the future. Recognizing the existing knowledge gap among engineers, Circuit Parts intends to provide educational content and practical do it- yourself projects to equip engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to design exceptional products. The educational resources will also include carefully curated project kits, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

The core team at Circuit Parts brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Deepak Reddy, the co-founder, possesses over seven years of hardware design experience, providing a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies. "My co-founder is a skilled firmware design engineer. While I specialize in hardware design, he excels at programming the hardware. Together, we are creating valuable educational resources", adds Reddy. Circuit Parts' core team also includes an operations specialist and a software developer.

Circuit Parts takes immense pride in its commitment to customer support and constantly seeks feedback to improve its services. The company initially started by supplying electronic components and, based on customer feedback, expanded to include PCB manufacturing and assembly services. With the recent completion of its 35th order, Circuit Parts is steadily gaining momentum and holds promising prospects in the market.

Looking ahead, Circuit Parts aims to establish a centralized warehouse in Hyderabad, stocking a wide range of components and enabling same-day or nextday delivery to customers across India. Reddy concludes, "As part of our expansion plan for the next three years, we also intend to establish an in-house manufacturing plant for printed circuit boards. This strategic move will provide us with full control over the fabrication process, ensuring superior quality and manufacturing efficiency".