ChotuMotu: A Personal Assistant for AllOutdoor Tasks

Kamlesh Shamaliya,Co-Founder & CEO

Kamlesh Shamaliya

Co-Founder & CEO

Some time back, a traveller while boarding a flight from Mumbai to Indore happened to leave his laptop behind at the security checkpoint of the airport as he was in a little hurry. Reaching to Indore, he realized that he had left his laptop and had no one to avail it from the vicinity. To his despair, he called up ChotuMotu, a Mumbai based hyper-local consumer service needs startup to save him out from the turmoil. The team at ChotuMotu asked him for an authorized letter to act on his behalf and collect the accessory. After receiving the letter from his end, one of the members picked it up and later the laptop was couriered to him. This is one of the many instances on how ChotuMotu has helped enormous customers with their daily chores, irrespective of the circumstances.

ChotuMotu was institutionalized in the year 2015 with the vision to give an individual the gift of time and leverage the task of getting things done on their part. “We understand the importance of one’s time and aid them to get relief from the long to-do list to be performed on weekends. Through ChotuMotu we help them sit back and relax along with assuring that the time once again can be reclaimed as their own, thus doing end-to-end solutions by being their personal assistant,” speaks Kamlesh Shamaliya, Co-Founder & CEO, ChotuMotu.

Meeting Needs – Saving Time
Capturing the space with the motto’ ‘anything that saves your time’, ChotuMotu follows the unique leadership mantra, i.e., no hierarchy level. Everyone is treated equally in the workplace and is not based on the boss or employee tag. The company firmly believes in maintaining a strong relationship with the employees. Treating every one as what their position deserves, they also render a homely environment where the members are been motivated which
it turns allows them to derive more productivity. Mentioning about the vibrant work culture and benefits attained to them, Kamlesh avers, “Believing that a person has three types of homes, and office being an important aspect of his life we through our platform strive to derive ample benefits for them. Taking the concept that a vehicle runs more effectively once it is fuelled properly and taken care of, at ChotuMotu we provide them with medical insurance, travel insurance, offer movie tickets weekly for their entertainment purposes and more.” Further, he adds, “Every milestone we achieve, we celebrate it. Setting a target each month and completing it brings a celebration with itself. Breaking the traditional barriers of corporate walls, our vibrant work culture spontaneously defines the same followed by hang-outs, promotional activities and in every possible manner.”

Recently, ChotuMotu has started its operations in Gurgaon and will be soon expanding to Bangalore by July this year

The company envisions deriving the customer choices with exemplary experiences. It accomplishes services and solutions that are totally outdoor chores. Whether it’s picking up groceries to a medical report, laundry to midnight gift delivery, ChotuMotu does it all. Some of the core offerings include medicine delivery, document & parcel delivery, cheque drops, cash collection, food pick up ticket collection and so on. Additionally, the company proffers legal services such as errand for Franking, Notarization, Affidavits, and registration for RTO Services, Certificates & licenses, municipal work and so on. It caters to various clients such as corporates, SME, shops, banks, hospitals, hotels, law firms, restaurants and more.

Led by a young and enthusiasts task makers called as ChotuMotu, the team powers with two founders, one VP, four marketing minds, three digital innovators, two people executives, two account genius and 85 ChotuMotu’s. The clients can either reach them through the toll-free number or WhatsApp option too.
Shamaliya asserts, “Through this platform, we want to create job opportunities for the rural population along with providing them with accommodation and bike services. With the main key hiring process that is rural based we also impart them training on various grounds and entertain the city based bikers also.”

Transcending Geographies
Growing with an exponential revenue rate of 25-20 lakhs per month, the company performs 600-800 tasks on a daily basis. Being recognized by Govt. of India’s initiative ‘Make in India’ and earning a certificate from the same, ChotuMotu was received funding from Syndicate bank. With it, it aims to grow and expand confining to the sole vision. Recently, it has started its operations in Gurgaon and will be soon expanding to Bangalore by July this year. Highly involved to spread awareness and carve a niche for itself with technological applications, Shamaliya concludes, “We are waiting for the updation of the app which was launched just a few days ago, and further assure to complete around 500-6000 tasks per day.”

The Development Cycle: Beyond Applications
1.App for Customer& Merchant – This app has been developed in similar lines taken into the competition traction leveraged by Ola or Swiggy services. Once the customers download it, they can register themselves and ChotuMotu will find them. At present, the company takes care of more than 5000 bookings in one book. And, the entire system right from booking till generation is completely automated.

2. App for Taskers – This app is specifically designed for customers. It keeps in an account of their monthly salary, leave taken, is automatically integrated and the same he can apply on the app itself. The app constitutes a recruitment aspect whereby the interview procedure is not conducted but the person can update the adhaar, pan, driving license details. After verification, the team will ensure a password after which a tasker is ready to use the app.

Key Highlights :
. Value Added Services & Multiple Benefits.
. Rural- based Hiring
. Accommodation
. Vehicle Given
. Flexibility