Cerebra: Driving a Digital Revolution through Circularity

V Ranganathan, Managing Director

V Ranganathan

Managing Director

The thriving IT and communication sectors have enhanced the adoption of electronic equipment and modern technologies exponentially. Faster upgradation of electronic products is compelling consumers to discard obsolete electronic products quickly, which, in turn, adds to E-waste to the solid waste stream. Today, E-waste has become a grave concern in India that calls for significant emphasis on recycling E-waste and effective E-waste disposal mechanisms. According to research, the Indian E-waste management sector forecasts to project a CAGR of 8.24 percent in volume and 14.25 percent in revenue during the period 2021 - 2026. These circumstances have initiated a race among several E-waste recycling companies willing to claim a larger portion of the pie in the market. Walking on the same line, Cerebra an E-waste recycling solution provider and R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified company started its work in 2013 in an E-waste recycling facility at Narasapura, Kolar District. It is one of the largest government certified E-waste recycling and refurbishing plant facilities in the country.

Cerebra firmly believes in a driving philosophy Circularity, which means not just manufacturing but also buying back products that have reached the end of life, recycling E-waste, and refurbishing to make it as good as new. This process helps extend device life and enables the company to make available technology at a fraction of the cost. SMBs, banks, call centres, entrepreneurs, schools,
and colleges can now afford to go digital. Cerebra's sole objective is to achieve zero landfills and build up a pollution free, greener and cleaner world. "We believe it is a social responsibility besides the vast potential. E-waste can potentially harm us, our environment, our future, and our dear & loved ones. We have set up one of the largest E-waste recycling facilities in India, intending to become a leading player in making this change possible on a global scale," says V Ranganathan, Managing Director, Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd.

Cerebra’s sole objective is to achieve zero landfills and build up a pollution free, greener, and cleaner world

Cerebra's Journey towards Success
Derived from the word Cerebrum, Cerebra began operations in Bangalore in May 1992 to manufacture personal computers and solutions built around PCs. The company witnessed tremendous growth in the last three decades and metamorphosed from a pure hardware brand to dominating brand name in IT, electronics manufacturing, and sustainability services. In recent years, Cerebra has made great strides in the recycling and refurbishing realm. With professional management and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the company is witnessing aggressive growth in the recycling business, thus takes pride in calling itself a Zero Landfill recycling/refurbishing company.

Cerebra also invest in its electronics manufacturing business to cater to the growing requirement of the local manufacturing under the Make in India campaign. The company plans to create more factories that focus on responsible recycling, thus playing a crucial role in formalizing the recycling industry.

Apart from E-waste recycling, Cerebra is looking at battery recycling to cater to the EV revolution, plastic recycling to meet the ever growing requirement for recycled plastic, and automobile recycling with the auto scrap page policy getting implemented in India. Under E-waste recycling, in addition to the dismantling facilities, the company focus on building a world-class refinery to recover and refine metals from the PCB boards. Cerebra plans to play a major role in reducing India's reliance on global players for metal extraction and be the pioneer in that space, thus creating jobs and saving the foreign exchange reserve for the exchequer.

The company plans to work on newer technologies and better the extraction percentage to recover rare earth metals locally. With eyes set on establishing recycling factories in the Middle East, Europe, and the US Cerebra aims to be a prominent global player in this business.