Centrix Design: Creating Future Ready Workspaces Which Are Truly Mesmerizing & Intuitive

Prajwal M.N. ,Co-Founder & Design Director

Prajwal M.N.

Co-Founder & Design Director

The present downturn in global economic development has had a particular impact on the Interior Design business. Nonetheless, it is predicted to retain a rather optimistic growth rate throughout the foreseeable year. The interior design services market includes consultation and design services supplied to customers in many industries to develop the client's working environment. Construction activity across the world, increases in living standards, and growing population incomes are driving the market. The growing building trend in developed economies is projected to enhance demand for interior design services.

Centrix is a multi-award-winning provider of interior design and workplace solutions. Its goal is to develop future-ready workplaces that are supported by research and technology. Centrix capitalizes on a design by providing avant-garde office solutions with style. Centrix's extremely immersive technology-driven solutions are a reflection of the culture of the enterprise for which they work.

The firm believes in providing customized solutions for their clients that are based on scientific requirements derived from sensor-based technology, as well as creating future-ready workspaces that are truly mesmerizing and intuitive for coworkers, thereby increasing the organization's efficiency and productivity. Centrix, as an interior design & build agency, specializes in commercial
workspace design and built end to end design solutions.

The demand for corporate interior design has been quite high in recent years. Centrix caters to the majority of corporate offices, whether it is IT or the aviation industry, everyone and everything. Centrix is a young firm that has been in the weaving sector for the past 18 years. It employs around 24 employees and also employs architects, designers, and engineers.

The firm offers extremely immersive, technology-driven solutions and ensures that the entire project is personalized to your specifications. Their interior designers, in collaboration with their in-house technology specialists, create environments that connect with the user both visually and functionally.

Centrix is a oneof- a-kind industry in the market since it does both design and implementation in-house

The firm delivers a 360° completely integrated interior design service that includes branding, MEP, AV, IT, sustainability, security, and staff wellness. Centrix's design style is appropriate, and they adhere to material, style, and sustainability. Centrix's workspace design and build model combines transformational design strategy with unparalleled speed, quality, flexibility, and cost certainty delivered through best-in-class digital technology, and their integrated lean methodology enables their designers, technical teams, and project managers to collaborate to eliminate risk and deliver a 'wow' outcome. Centrix's major projects include the Puma Asia Headquarters and the AbinBev ISEA headquarters. Some of its completed projects are Presidency University, Deloitte, TASL, Fidelity national Financial.

"We believe in providing customized solutions for our clients that are based on scientific requirements derived from sensor-based technology, and that are truly mesmerizing and intuitive for coworkers"

Centrix is a one-of-a-kind industry in the market since it does both design and implementation in-house. They have their software that is a single platform that offers you the whole project, whether it's a schedule or some designs or your Site Reports to your BOQs to your costing to your site progress, everything in one platform. “Our plans include completing several solid projects with good design purposes and with our powerful services and proven outcomes, we can execute your project on any given timetable, within budget, and according to your specifications", concludes Prajwal MN Co-Founder & Design Director at Centrix Interiors.