Cattleya Technosys: Enabling IoT in Managed Services

Badrinath Rao,Co-Founder & CEO

Badrinath Rao

Co-Founder & CEO

If not given enough aegis, infrastructure is always prone to frauds, malpractices and continuously emerging threats. Besides organizations’ need to meet compliance(legal, financial & safety), the infrastructure proliferation across geographically disbursed locations signifies this qualm. And this menace today explicitly reflects in the form of risky banking transactions and physical security of both infrastructure (including ATMs, Towers & Retail chains) and customers. While a completely manned treatment is too expensive and a recurring cost, Cattleya Technosys brings in a panacea to eradicate these hassles in the form of high-end technology enabled managed solutions. Backed by real-time & on-ground response teams, and a 24/7 command center, Cattleya allows customers to focus on their core competencies, while the company manages critical parts of their business.

IoT & Much More

A Bangalore based organization that breathes technology, Cattleya's IoT based Managed Services enable comprehensive security, remote surveillance, inter-connection, and control & management of assets. Thus,by
heavily leveraging on bi-directional video & audio interfaces, data, mobility and analytics, it minimizes risks & energy usage and increases asset/process efficiency & productivity. Clutching this tech-environment, Cattleya is successfully automating event response and data representation. It literally connects to everything from humans to machines, process and data, while providing extreme customization embedded with value added services that are scalable, profitable and is aimed to open up new means of interactivity;. thus allowing clients to work with a single vendor having the ability to scale in a short time.

Cattleya literally connects to everything from humans to machines, process and data, while providing extreme customization embedded with value added services

“We not only provide Preventive & Pro-active data, but have started initiatives to provide insights using Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques,” proclaims Badrinath Rao, Co-Founder & C.E.O, Cattleya Technosys. Came into existence in 2012, till date Cattleya’s solutions has spread over nine thousand sites in Banking, Government, Telecom, Retail and Corporate real estate businesses, and it engages in long term contracts worth over Rs.250+ crores in India that range between three to seven years.

An'Eye'Empowered by Technology

Cattleya’s primary offering has been the ‘e-Surveillance’. NISAEYE -
the solution that comprises of on site deployed electronics and centralized software stack (cloud & mobile enabled) has been the crème de la crème of its artifacts. It has embedded Linux with capabilities for data assimilation based on configurable AI & ML. The Software stack is an analytics & workflow platform for report generation and to trigger on-ground action through mobility platform and voice calls. Ranging from enhanced optimization to reduction in operational expenditure & penalties, benefits of this solution are limitless. The company also has a cutting edge, IoT based support & alert system in place – SIROC, which isa 24x7 Centralized Monitoring System (CMS) and Command & Control center for live monitoring of physical assets under management at multiple locations across the country.

Spreading Wings

“We are a part of a 42-year-old business group specialized in Loss Prevention, Risk Mitigation, and Operations & Maintenance which brings in the functional experts from within the group,” adds Badrinath. The well-trained R&D teams at Cattleya have over 100 combined years of experience and know-how in place. Going forward, besides shifting from a pure B2B approach into B2B2C and B2C in India, the company expects cent percent growth in its integration platforms/products business within the next four years. “We have signed on geography specific partners across certain near shore geographies and have finalized plans to introduce our solution in the North American markets this summer,” concludes Badrinath.