Castkom: Creating Authentic Human Connection by Streaming Live Videos with Budgeted Benchmark

Asif Ali Khan,Co-Founders

Asif Ali Khan


In today’s on-the-go world, face-off conversation is beyond the bounds of possibility, considering which social bakers installed the very famous social media platform. Not only did this medium enhance human connectivity but also paved a leeway for marketing trends, that further gained spotlight with the introduction of live video quirk – a less rehearsed, unedited form of marketing. According to a social media expert, 80 percent of what we consume online will be video content by 2019, thus alarming the bells for those who are yet unharnessed with this valuable online trademark. For those desperately seeking an authentic, human connection with the audience, Castkom brings the power of professional quality webcasting, which helps in live streaming on multiple publication-points through a single audio-video feed to deliver smooth live video experience to the viewers.

Asif Ali Khan & Ayman Ahmed Chit (Co-Founders) bespoke the marketing cost incurred in the live streaming of an event that many times creates a hole in client’s pocket while reaching out to their target audience. To sidekick such hurdle blocks, the duo incepted Castkom to provide cost effective marketing solutions and customize the complete live streaming as per
client’s requisite. Projecting its marquee since 2014, the company handholds multiple brands and companies including Facebook India, Carnegie India,, Delhi Press, Intel, Himalaya, Times of India, Zee Entertainment, Hungama Digital Services, Decathlon, RCB, Mumbai Indians and many more.

Provided that live videos are the most effective marketing tool in current industry, Castkom is an end-to-end service provider who streams live videos like no other

Propagating Your Reach
Provided that live videos are the most effective marketing tool in current industry, Castkom is an end-to-end service provider who streams live videos like no other. It also offers services like digital audience generation, webinar solutions, video conferencing, audio-video production management, corporate videos, internet sourcing, developing customized applications
/web pages, user authentication etc. The devices deployed while live streaming supports professional cameras and video mixers along with IP based cameras that multiply video compatibility with varied devices, thus delivering a reliable, exceptional, social and interactive online video experience. The company simplifies streaming process with its plug and plug package available in three products namely G-Host (portable HW Server Uplink for local streaming of quality videos on YouTube, Akamai & Amazon), E-Host and E-Host Pro
Series (entry level HW Server with the right blend of price/performance for low volume video transcoding sessions).

Castkom’s team of 14 tech-pros developed an in-house technology named Castkom encoders /transcoders by employing in-depth knowledge of encoding /transcoding methodology. While many market purveyors utilize third party encoders, this company masters its competitors by distributing quality transcoding services, coders of which are capable of taking one or more inputs and streaming on multiple outs simultaneously. When asked about data security measures, Asif avers, “Since 95 percent companies use live streaming on their social pages (where videos are open to everyone), we also use private CDNs like AKAMAI, AWS which are little costly but data remains safe and provide password protected videos to authenticate users before allowing him/her to watch them”. Castkom provides ownership of the video content entirely to the client who uses its technology.

Sharp & Sane Prospects
Headquartered in Bengaluru with an office in Delhi, Castkom scales its revenue growth close to 60 percent every year. Ayman adds, “Taking one step ahead, we built an online internet TV that allows creating interactive live video library and helps brands reach their target audience with ease, an initiative appreciated by many”. (for Women entrepreneurs) and first (for real estate industry) internet TVs are already in their initial stage of progress. To further the scale the company to new heights, the duo is in look out for sponsors/partners.