Carking: Providing End-to-End Solutions for Better Used Car Trade Experience

Susheel Lalwani,Founder
Susheel Lalwani, Founder

A typical costumer in Indian Automobile market is sceptical about the quality of service of the industry due to its unorganized nature. Many times, customers struggle to select the right car, identify the right seller and also fear about the legitimacy of the seller or the dealer, condition of the vehicle, its warranty and insurance packages and so on. In the used car market, things are worse than this. When used cars were sold just like new cars in many developed countries, Indian costumers prefer buying small new cars because they had no faith on unorganized trade of used cars where there is no guarantee of car, documentation, breakdown assistance and no proper compliant mechanism if something goes wrong. A former All India Car Dealers Association VP, Susheel Lalwani tries to fill this gap in the Indian Automobile industry through his innovative platform, Established with the intention to organize the extremely potential used car market in India, this online portal strives to create ultimate peace of mind with superior customer satisfaction through all-inclusive solutions, right from choosing the car, buying it, financing it,getting the
insurance cover, RTO transfer of ownership to ensuring other hassle free documentation.

“Carking provides simpler, safer, secure and affordable experience in used car buying and selling to valued customers. Our expert sales Managers help the customer identify his need, according to his budget; we give them the certified vehicles with warranty. During the certification process, company's vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection by a Carking Certified Technician. Anything that doesn’t match to our rigorous National Standards is replaced or repaired with the state-of-the-art equipment,” says Susheel Lalwani, Founder of Carking. Carking is not charging any commission on the transaction either to the dealer or to the customer. Company’s unique cost-effective packages also cover financing facilities, insurance services, warranty options and guaranteed documentation processes; all in one. Susheel explains, “In our franchisee, setup expenses are 25000/- but other companies’ setup expenses are 4-5 lacs. Carking’s franchisee annual fees is only 50000/-, which is a competitive price in the industry as other competitors are charging royalty of Rs 1200000/- annually and are giving less services than Carking. We don’t ask for any deposits while other companies ask deposits up to 5 lacs. Further, we’ve designed the best warranty packages ranging from six months to 1 year. Our major warranty categories are: Suraksha - 6 Months Engine and Gear box warranty, Sampurna Suraksha - 6 months Comprehensive warranty,
Suraksha Plus- 12 Months Engine and Gear Box warranty and finally, Suraksha Plus - 12 months Comprehensive warranty. We are supported by Corporate Warranties India Pvt Ltd and marked as the only provider of Personal Accidental Cover to the customer who purchases the vehicle with warranty.”

Powered by All India Car Dealers Association, Carking has built over 60 franchisees across India covering Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Incepted in 2015, company’s present recognition on a National Scale is a token of its burgeoning growth. Talking about their success and the future plans, Susheel shares, “We exemplify honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do. Our strong system to monitor the claims, the most excellent system of certification, dedicated call centres for each process give us an edge over other players in the market. Regarding the company’s future plans, we are targeting to enter Gujarat and MP and Southern states next year. Apart from this, we’re cashing on more leasing options and looking forward to establish tie-ups with a Japan company for the same in 2019. Again in 2019, company also plans to come up with a Procurement Platform, which will be an online auction platform. With these plans, we will continue to organize the used car trade through the best Certification and Warranty Programs across India. Immense Government sup-port in this mission makes company’s efforts promising.”