CarkiDeal: Hassle-Free Experience to Get Your Dream Car

Manish Gupta, Director

Manish Gupta


Technologies are changing every modern business sector and the automotive industry is not an exception. Be it buying a new or a used car or selling a used car, the CarkiDeal team assures to bring to you the best deal in the market with a completely no-hassle experience. With more than 15 years of experience in the automobile trade, CarkiDeal, headquartered in New Delhi, brings an exceptional service offering. CarkiDeal is one-stop-shop for anything related to buying & selling of cars, be it a new or used or a demo car, along with the best financing options & insurance options. “We provide right guidance for choosing right car. CarkiDeal provides dedicated personal assistance with one point of contact. We get the cars inspected & evaluated free of cost at customer’s place”, said Manish Gupta, Director, CarkiDeal.

Challenges to Deal with
Like any first time buyers, car buyers experience a dilemmato choose from a plethora of car manufacturers, models & choices available in the market. CarkiDeal helps them to make the right decision while finalizing their Dream Car. Another challenge is while selling the car whether the customers are getting best price or not and will the car be transferred in safe hand.
CarkiDeal helps them with all the paper work & legalities and ensures that the vehicle goes in safe hands along with a good deal. Additional, when it comes to buying a used car, the major pain point is whether the car is original or accidental, so CarkiDeal does thorough inspection& cars are verified along with transparent deals. Unlike other portals, who just market & sell the inquiries to their dealers, CarkiDeal maintains their own stock where in their experts inspect the car thoroughly to give complete satisfaction & peace of mind before buying with complete paperwork & awesome deals.

CarkiDeal does thorough inspection & cars are verified along with transparent deals

“While adding more and happier customers every day, our team proudly says Yahan deal Banti Hai”, exclaimed Manish Gupta.

Innovative Technology and Process of the Portal
Firstly, the company gets the car inspected thoroughly before procuring & assesses the cost of refabrication & accordingly quotes the price. CarkiDeal ensures complete documentation while procuring the car. As soon as the company gets car refurbished from the vendors and it gets inspected by inhouse technical staff before putting Sales Tag. Then the Car is marketed and review is done for all the sales activities and follow up. CarkiDeal's expert deal makers use their excellent negotiation skills to get the best price and offer not only for the car but also for loans and insurances besides handling all the cumbersome paper work and deal's authenticity verifications. Additionally, in new cars, customer can compare cars and get detailed information about new cars through company’s blogs.

Providing such hassle free services in the auto sector, CarkiDeal going forward will also enable customers’ with after sales services, .i.e., car servicing, repairs, accessories, which will make CarkiDeal complete place for anything related to cars. Presently, the company is operating from Delhi but is coming up in other major cities along with retail showroom setups. More so, CarkiDeal is also introducing Express Loan process associated with a leading bank to give complete automobile services at one platform. CarkiDeal has aspiration of being among top 3 portals along with multicity presence which will truly help an aspiring Car Buyer.