Carbon Masters: A Team of Technical Masters Understanding both Developed and Developing Worlds

Kevin J Houston,Director

Kevin Houston,Co-Founder

Som Narayan,Co-Founder

Carbon Masters is a carbon management company with a mission to help people and companies reduce their carbon impact. It does so by developing innovative, clean energy, and low carbon solutions that can replace fossil fuels.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Carbon Masters aims to build realistic approaches that are not only eco-friendly but also of significant business value. That's because the organization assumes that a good business is the one that makes all stakeholders happy, given that environment is the most significant stakeholder. Carbon Masters was first founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2009, when its two co-founders met on the first cohort of a carbon management master's program at the University of Edinburgh. To begin with, the company offered carbon management consulting services to help businesses assess their carbon footprint and then minimize it by investing in renewable energy and low-carbon solutions. In 2012 they formed Carbon Masters India and pivoted their business model to create carbon mitigation solutions.

Biodegradable & Renewable Energy Solutions
Under the brand name Carbonlites, Carbon
Masters' renewable energy solutions tackle three big problems impacting most cities and towns in India. Indian cities produce 62 million tons of MSW per year, 60 percent of which is biodegradable, and much of this ends up in landfills that emit harmful greenhouse gases. Secondly, India imports 80 percent of its oil and 50 percent of its gas. This reduces energy security, increases its carbon footprint, and reduces air quality in urban areas. Thirdly the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and the low introduction of organic matter have deprived Indian soils of nutrients leading to flat to declining crop yields, impacting the income of millions of Indian farmers.

Seamless & Secure Products & Services
Carbon Masters is the first company in India to successfully produce and market a bottled bio-CNG product for commercial cooking, transport, and backup power under its brand name Carbonlites. The organization achieves this by processing organic waste streams via anaerobic digestion and purifying the resulting biogas into bottled BIO-CNG. The organization also extracts digested slurry from its biodigesters and has established a specific methodology to turn this slurry into carbon and nutrient-rich organic manure.

Carbon Masters is the first company in India to successfully produce and market a bottled bio-CNG product for commercial cooking, transport, and backup power

Carbon Masters has also produced a specific range of biogas infrastructure products such as Carbonlites in a box, cascades & cylinders, and pressure-reducing systems. Such products allow a seamless and safe transition from LPG to Carbonlites, and meet the requirements of hotels and restaurants in a way that traditional LPG does not.

"We are still a growing team, but are characterized by a common purpose and passion to develop solutions that can provide an alternative to fossil fuels," says Som Narayan, Co-Founder, Carbon Masters. Having begun to master the ability to produce, market, and sell the two climate-friendly products from five plants in two states, the company aims to expand the Carbonlites brand to ten more states in the next five years. The future goal of Carbon Masters is to push the company to a revenue of Rs.340 crore and to save more than 1 million tons of CO2".