Capgemini: Empowering Enterprises to Exploit Enormous Opportunities & Innovations of the Connected Age

Due to massive technological developments occurring at a phenomenal pace, most enterprises have launched transformation initiatives aimed at aligning IT with fast-changing business priorities. Ironically, most often, suppliers and solutions enlisted to facilitate this journey end up hindering true transformation. Quelling this hardship by tearing down the walls between solutions, services, and suppliers, has poised Capgemini as the trusted partner for CIOs embarking on the journey of adopting digital infrastructure services to accelerate their progress towards being a 'Digital Business'.

Global Yet Agile
Leveraging its global scale and end-to-end infrastructure expertise, Capgemini has made it faster and simpler to implement truly integrated, comprehensive, and innovative solutions from multiple sources across the IT supply chain. Yet, it is agile enough to evolve or proactively enhance its capabilities to address clients' needs. "By combining agile and traditional infrastructure services to create globalized, simplified & differentiated solutions, and by exploiting Cloud & third platform technology, we provide our clients access and connectivity to new technology innovation," explains Milind Dikshit, Corporate Vice President, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini.

Capgemini's model integrates all the resources that are required to deliver business objectives, including Digital & Cloud Infrastructure Services, and Expert advice & assistance among others. All this is backed by Rightshore' - its global delivery model, which
Milind Dikshit,Corporate VP,   Infrastructure Services.

Milind Dikshit

Corporate VP, Infrastructure Services.

combines offshore delivery with local and onshore support; thereby permitting Capgemini to deploy cost-effective resources in the right locations.

Capgemini's reputation as a technology independent advisor provisioning hardware and software components enables it to continuously scrutinize technology evolutions without bias. Moreover, its strong transformation credentials are backed by its track record in delivering complex projects combined with mature industrialization and automation capabilities. The company not only embeds security services throughout its approach, but also integrates significant automation into all its service offerings to endow clients with better cost and customer experience.

A Cut Above the Rest
After delving deep into the business outcomes clients are driving toward, Capgemini constructs innovative, end-to-end solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. "Our consultative selling approach, client centricity, portfolio innovation and cross-SBU collaboration leveraging
the Power of ONE clearly focus on driving superior business outcomes to our customers," says Milind. Being the 'One Partner' that amalgamates business focus (rather than just technical focus) and a huge thriving partner ecosystem that supplements Capgemini's solutions and expertise, the company impresses clients with improved service quality, productivity and end-user satisfaction. With keen focus on automating operations underpinning the programmable infrastructure, Capgemini's Smart Automation enables clients to reap both business & IT benefits as they move from automation to AI.

As its ISV partner networks are expanding the coverage for cloud deployments, Capgemini's clients can accelerate their time to market with innovative cloud solutions and extended coverage. The company works with an ecosystem of providers to bring clients industry-leading solutions and combine those with its own assets to create a unique platform which equips clients' for future growth.

Big Admirers of Beehive Model
Having Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun as its core values, this global company with 1,80,000+ employees across 40 countries encompasses diverse dimensions including gender, disability, ethnicity, age and lifestyle. Capgemini has inculcated the beehive culture, wherein everyone works together to achieve a common goal of creating positive change for clients, while respecting each other's individuality, thus enabling the company to continuously offer the very best service quality to its clients.