BUSFAM : Boosting ROI for Business Using Cutting-edge Marketing Strategies

SUBHRA KANTI DEY,MD & CEOWith new technologies and trends evolving at a rapid pace in the market, staying digitally progressive and enhancing a robust digital presence has become paramount for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. This need has sky-rocketed among businesses in the last couple of years and organizations are looking for experts who can help them leverage the potential of creative marketing for their brands.

`With the world going online, raising online awareness by using new-age technologies now is crucial. Not just the businesses, but their consumers too are looking for a unique and creative approach of brands and their purchase decisions are driven by the same', says SubhraKanti Dey, MD &CEO, BUSFAM.

While looking for a digital marketing and branding partner most of the businesses expect to get hold of experts who can come up with unmatched ideas, understand the target audience and their persona, revamp the marketing strategies and boost overall business growth. BUSFAM, headquartered in Kolkata and with a branch office in Pune, offers unparalleled 360-degree digital marketing services to its clients. With a team of experienced professionals, BUSFAM develops marketing strategies that help clients increase their brand awareness and create a need for their products or services among the audience.

The creative agency makes use of new-age
online and traditional advertising techniques in a polished way backed by their in-depth research of the market and target audience' needs. BUSFAM's cutting-edge services include SEO-enabled website development, branding, creative designing, online reputation management, social media management and marketing, content marketing, email, marketing, video marketing, and more.

The agency is currently working with a team of 25 experts and is offering services to both domestic and inter-national clients. Since its inception in 2016, BUSFAM has been offering its digital marketing services with the primary objective of enhancing customer satisfaction, innovating and empowering businesses, and helping them realize their complete potential and ability to thrive in the competitive market.

BUSFAM understands the need for AI-driven strategies in the market along with machine learning and data science which they implement in their marketing processes. Also, to maintain data privacy and to concentrate on client-oriented leads, it serves one client per sector per region. What makes BUSFAM stand ahead of its competitors is its approach to-wards clients and employees. The team works as a family, where every member is dedicated and responsible for their work, helps each other thrive, and makes sure that quality work is delivered to clients on-time. BUSFAM also offers affordable marketing packages to clients making it one of the most sought marketing agencies in today's time.

BUSFAM understands the need for AI-driven strategies in the market along with machine learning and data science which they implement in their marketing processes

`Our advanced level marketing helps in boosting the business through market survey and opinion poll and extends market and customer-reach. Our main objective is to offer "Value for Money" to our clients and increase their ROI', adds SubhraKanti.

BUSFAM has successfully offered its services to a plethora of clients including the famous restaurant chain in Kolkata named Bawarchi. With a robust content marketing strategy, SEO, and social media branding, it helped Bawarchi increase its Google rankings and thus raise online visibility and footfall. BUSFAM understands the crucial need of SMEs to keep a close eye on the marketing strategies of its competitors. Thus the agency is striving to raise awareness about the future of digital marketing in industries through market surveys and has launched `Academy Busfam' where it teaches the basics and techniques of digital marketing and builds communities by imparting adequate knowledge and training.