Brainstorm Infotech: A Reliable And Trusted Partner

Santosh B M,Founder & CEO

Santosh B M

Founder & CEO

The structural steel market is witnessing the much needed traction due to growth and in-creased construction activity in the commercial and industrial segments. Steel fabrication has become an important part of the construction industry as it offers multiple valued-added services which have resulted in an increased demand for steel products and services. However, in-depth knowledge and experience is necessary in order to provide value-added innovative solutions in the field of steel detailing in order to ensure improved performance and well-engineered structures thereby saving time and overall cost of executing a project. This also enables fabricators to execute work at their fabrication shop and construction site flawlessly.

Brainstorm Infotech is based in the garden city of Bangalore, India and was founded in 2010 by the dynamic engineer couple Mr. Santosh BM and Ms. SriVidhya Santosh along with a small team of young and enthusiastic engineers. Since then, the organization has been able to build a reputation of a trusted detailing partner that many fabrication companies can partner with confidence and execute projects of any magnitude, complexity and scale.

The company pre-dominantly focuses on markets in the US and Canada how-ever it has successfully executed projects in the Middle East in the recent past. A few among those are Fairbank Storage, Mercedes Benz dealership, Milton, Kipling Go Station (All in Canada), JSU School of Business, Fayetteville
City Hall, In-N-Out Chino Main Building A (All in USA) and Duqm refinery in Muscat along with many other projects.

Their expertise is in structural steel detailing, connection design and checking as per American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Canadian Institute of steel construction (CISC) standards, British Standards (BS), International Standards (IS) and Australian Standards for commercial and industrial structures.

Brainstorm Infotech strongly believes in continuously enhancing its technical expertise, project management and 24/7 customer support capabilities. The organization has also been hiring young engineers with strong technical competence which has been a notable differentiator in providing exceptional service to customers. This has helped the organization gain the confidence, trust and loyalty of its customers leading to its sustainable profitable growth.

Empowering the construction sector with out-standing structural and architectural steel design and detailing services

Believing that success is a journey, Mr. Santosh says, "We specialize in high quality steel design, detailing and checks as per industry standards with application of sophisticated 2D drafting and 3D modelling software for steel construction in the commercial and industrial segments. Further, our endeavour is always to deliver projects on-time every single time. We strongly believe that a passionate skilful team creates enthusiastic customers and builds a better future."

A One stop solution for steel design and detailing When it comes to steel detailing, Brainstorm Infotech offers on demand scalable resource mobilization which enables quicker delivery cycles and timely completion of projects. The company has undoubtedly been the front-runner in the steel detailing industry for more than a decade now. The organization has been delivering successful projects with its deep expertise in detailing of steel structures in the commercial and industrial segments thus proving its niche status in the industry.

"We are currently working with close to 30 large fabricators across US, Canada and Middle East today. We are also investing in talent by hiring fresh engineers from universities and provide them with the requisite training form them to excel in their roles. Though we have never actively marketed ourselves since our quality of work helped us secure repeat business from existing customers, we have now invested in our sales and marketing team in order to channelize our efforts towards securing new cliental and significantly grow the organization in the next 5 years" concludes Mr. Santosh.