B.One Hub: Revolutionizing Affordable Home Automation with AI-Enabled Platform and Universal Hub

Sridhar Ponugupati, CEOImagine the possibility of chatting with your home through chatbots within Facebook and Line messenger apps and controlling it from any corner of the world. Imagine a technology that could help you switch on the A/C, geyser and lights with a voice command when you are about to reach home from office. Do you think this sounds like something out of a science fiction movie? Think again. For this technology that you imagined exists. And it is far easier to deploy than you could have possibly - yes - imagined.

Admittedly, designing a home with all these latest trends entails procuring diverse products from different vendors raises compatibility issues. But this need not be as daunting as you think. All you need is something that can integrate devices, manage and simplify your home automation. This is where Blaze Automation comes in. B.One Hub, a product from Blaze Automation, is the answer to seamless functionality of your home ecosystem, that too at your fingertips with just one app. It is a universal gateway for all the scattered technologies and
extensive wireless protocols integrating over 200 products manufactured by Google, Amazon, Honeywell, GE, Leviton, Aeotec and others worldwide to seamlessly work with each other.

B.One is a universal gateway for all the scattered technologies and extensive wireless protocols integrating over 200 products to seamlessly work with each other

"This allows clients to choose a product and manufacturer of the client’s choice, which is affordable and relevant to them and install that into the B. One ecosystem,” explains Sridhar Ponugupati, CEO, Blaze Automation. While convenience and ease of use are features that stand out, those are not the only benefits of installing the B.One hub. The company’s upcoming Home Energy Management System (HEMS) platform will enable customers to save up to 25 percent on their energy costs. What this means is that you can monitor and manage your electricity consumption. You can set limits for how much electricity should be consumed and get alerts once your consumption reaches that limit. That way unexpectedly large electricity bills become a thing of the past.

Now that you have ticked off three boxes - convenience, ease of use and ability to monitor
consumption of electricity, naturally there is only one question left. What would it cost for you to have something like this set up?

Much Lesser Than You Think
Vis-a-vis the nascent Indian market where complete automation costs around Rs.10-15 lakh, the highly competitive U.S. market provides similar solutions for around $4000-5000. Thanks to the all-embracing B.One Hub technology, Indian homes can now take advantage of the cost-effective U.S. technologies throughout their home for under one percent of total asset value (Rs.1-2 lakh for a Rs.1-2 crore house).

Incorporated with Infrared(IR) transmitters, B.One Hub can control any existing A/C, Television and media player without third party gadgets, and thus save energy and quickly recover the investment within two years. What’s more, all this can be set up by just one electrician within a day or two. B.One has been successfully launched in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. This product will be launched in the US and India markets by mid-March 2018.

Deservingly, B.One hub has won numerous awards such as User’s Choice Award for the ‘Most Popular Tech Gadget’ at the India Gadget Expo and Top 4 Smart Home Products at CES 2017 at Las Vegas. B. One Hub will also have enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities to improve energy efficiency, security as well as elderly care on IoT platforms.