Blue Dot Training: Soft Skilling its Way to Recognition

S Srikanth,Chief Enabling Officer

S Srikanth

Chief Enabling Officer

Tough times do not last ­ But tough people and companies do ­ The sudden and extraordinary crisis prevailing across the globe has necessitated a fresh look at the way we lead and perform on the job. There is a need for totally reinventing a company and its strategies to adapt to the "new normal." It is here that Learning & Development plays a major role in initiating and sustaining positive change within an organisation at a behavioural level. This necessitates blending of e common sense with behavioural issues to bring out the characteristics in employees which are necessary for achieving excellence in their organisational role.

There are very few organisations that can provide such holistic and professional soft skill training to the corporate sector, because experience and expertise, something which not everyone has, are primary to providing the same. And who else will know this better than Blue Dot Training that is based out of Chennai and has gained significant recognition with its holistic array of soft skill and functional training services to the corporate sector. The Blue Dot Training team strongly believes in reinventing themselves to provide innovative learning solutions to their large corporate clientele.
Blue Dot Training was founded by S Srikanth, a corporate trainer and leadership coach, based on a desire to provide simple solutions in a complex world. S Srikanth was deeply influenced by our ancient Indian wisdom and has done extensive research in texts like Vidur Neethi, Neethi Sathakam, Artha Saasthra and Thirukkural. He is also one of the or, arguably, the only practitioner of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective people as propounded by Stephen R Covey. This combination has led to design of training solutions that are global in approach but firmly grounded in Indian wisdom. So the USP is that Blue Dot Training offers solutions that are based on internationally acclaimed techniques but extremely grounded in Ancient Indian Wisdom.

"Blue Dot has designed and delivered programs for corporate customers based on their unique needs. The training design team at Blue Dot is capable of designing programs in Leadership and Soft Skills for any requirement," states S Srikanth, Chief Enabling Officer, Blue Dot Training.

Blue Dot is capable of designing programs in Leadership and Soft Skills for any requirement

Achievements and Possibilities Ahead
Blue Dot has been serving the Corporate Community for more than 25 years now. More than 5000 training programmes have been conducted at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Madurai and more than 75,000 Corporate Executives and Managers have benefited by participation in our programmes. Almost all the BT500 & ET500 Companies regularly nominate their executives to our programmes. All the Blue Dot faculty members are experts and authorities in their respective fields. They are renowned for their professional, academic and corporate experience and expertise.

The company was incorporated in 2003 to acquire the Coaching and training practice of a group of consultants headed by Shri S Srikanth. As time and possibilities grew, the company went on to become a nation-ally present training solutions provider with its offices at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. Speaking about the future goals of the company, Srikanth concludes, "Blue Dot is now poised for growth and is looking at partnering with international brands to promote Learning & Development in India as well as other parts of Asia. Talks are on for setting up franchise operations in Srilanka, Thailand and Indonesia."