BIM Tree: A Renowned BIM Consulting Firm Assisting Clients Complete their Projects Efficiently

Yatin Paghdal & Himanshu Thakker,   Co-FoundersIn today’s digital environment, a firm’s success is only as good as the technology it employs. An agile tech infrastructure is required to unlock the full potential of a firm. BIM is the foundation of digital transformation in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) business.

BIM Tree is a well-known BIM Consulting firm that provides various types of BIM services and Outsourcing services to clients to assist them to achieve error free execution, connected drawings/documents, and comprehensive quantifications. BIM Tree is a group of individuals who are enthusiastic about BIM technologies and processes. The skilled expert believes that BIM should be available to all and is making every effort to make that happen. BIM Tree has extensive industry expertise, having completed numerous projects in commercial, residential, industrial, and public venues.

BIM Tree collaborates with contractors, subcontractors, and project managers to create data centric building designs, walk throughs, visualizations, and precise shop drawings. The firm provides architectural and engineering services to businesses that satisfy worldwide standards while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction and achievement. Its work culture is backed by a positive approach, extensive experience, and strong core principles, all of which contribute to exceptional performance, productivity, and retention.
“With the notion that digitalization is the future, and that future is rapidly approaching, we founded this BIM Consulting firm capable of delivering multi various BIM services while assisting our clients in achieving their goals. We take pleasure in our error free executions and ontime delivery, which allows our clients to accomplish their tasks more efficiently,” adds Yatin Paghdal, Co-Founder of BIM Tree.

The firm provides BIM services for architectural & engineering businesses that satisfy worldwide standards while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction & achievement

BIM Tree is well-versed in the various disciplines of Architecture,
Structure, MEP, fire, or HVAC, which allows it to produce effective BIM Solutions ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 for commercial, residential, or public projects. These BIM Models can also be used by the firm to generate relevant information such as Quantity, Clash Reports, and Construction Documents, to mention a few.

Himanshu Thakker, Co-Founder

BIM is the future of the construction industry, and the firm wants every one to be a part of it so that it may emerge as a niche firm and expand multifold. To educate individuals, the firm also holds webinars and seminars so they may grasp what the BIM Process is, which is more than simply software but a continuous process through an effective delivery technique of the construction project. BIM Tree also intends to grow its clientele.

Currently, the firm works in 5 countries and plans to expand to 5 more countries by the end of 2023. “We can see that with the advancement of the IT industry, software industry, marketing industry, and visualization industry, which has changed dramatically in the previous decade, it is high time for us to observe and implement changes in the construction sector and BIM is the only way to do so,” concludes Himanshu Thakker, Co-Founder.