BICXO: Driving SMEs Growth & Performance Through An 'Assisted-BI' Model

Mohan Ramaseshan,  FounderFrom cash flow issues to shrinking margins, SME owners face several problems every day. They spend more time in fire fighting than focusing on their core competency or strategies. Despite investing in advanced ERPs, CRMs, and consultants they still don’t get the right solution to their business problems. With the core goal of equipping SMEs & startups to solving complex problems with first of its kind ‘Assisted-BI’model, BICXO was established in 2019.

BICXO was born out of the desire to solve the complex business challenges through a combination of technology (Business Intelligence) and hand-held consulting and support for SMEs. Team BICXO is involved in business understanding, designing solutions, data processing, creating complex algorithms, creating visualisations and analysis. The company ensure to handle end-to-end projects and focused on business outcomes than dashboards etc. The founder Mohan Ramaseshan says, “After spending two decades as a Chartered Accountant, I began consulting SMEs in 2016.

In my consulting experience, the major gap I noticed was the lack of actionable intelligence available to the CXOs. The existing BI offerings were predominantly self-service, expensive, or required additional investments to design, integrate & deploy the final solution. It also further lacked a continuous support to keep pace with business dynamics. Thus, the total cost of ownership of the Self-service Bi Tools was too high. BICXO was conceptualized to fill this gap as an Assisted BI solution.
Highlighting one of the case study the founder said, “One of my client hadn’t taken any vacation offs since he feared missing out on update. After implementing Bicox, he started accessing updates on his iPad. He later on took a vacation and thanked us for allowing him the liberty. Another client appreciated us for reducing his overdraft that he had with his bank.”

Distinct Among Others
As in any business, the initial phase is the most challenging. Especially for startups and SMEs which fall under the clientele bracket of BICXO, problems are many. Apparently, they do not have large teams, big investments in technology, or struggling to retrieve money that’s stuck in business. At BICXO, we hand hold clients and offer complete solutions in their path to use BI for Sales growth, Business Improvement, Margin Improvement, Cost Reduction, and more while driving significant growth. “Once a client adopt to BICXO, they will get the entire project support from our end, right from understating their business performance, analyzing the data, finding the root cause of problems, knowing the KPIs to frame, and deriving the insights to make right decisions.”

The total cost of ownership of the Self-service BI Tools are too expensive. As an Assisted BI solution, BICXO is conceptualized to fill this gap

Adapting to BICXO comes with multifold benefits. It is a completely automated business intelligence solution, by which you can track your finances, operational metrics, data visualization, and do lots more at a click. “You don’t have to work on BICXO, we work for you”, remarks Mohan, “Unlike other software that needs to be learned and implemented, we do everything for the clients while they just have to help us understand their vision. We sit on top of their existing software (ERP, CRM, and others) and can integrate multiple data sources (including spreadsheets) and ultimately transform the SMEs into lean and efficient organization.”

The platform doesn’t pose any restrictions on the number of reports or the number of users and all the reports is customized to the needs of the organization.

Easy Solutions for Real Business Problems
The entire process of data collection, data processing and data visualisations is automated with no manual efforts involved for the client and BICXO team.

Keeping trust, ethics, and integrity at the core, BICXO is certified by Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT) and ensures complete transparency with the data architecture.