Bhavi Media: An Amalgam of Experienced and Passionate Creative Visionaries

Harish Verma,Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Harish Verma

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Corporate video production becomes more relevant today as they hold a unique place in the virtual world where strong marketing measures call for action to boost traffic and search ranking on site apart from beating the competition ahead of time. They serve as an influencing force behind every corporation of repute to encapsulate a strong bonding between the anticipated customer and the seller of these products. Specialized in changing a conventional monotonous description to an exclusive video format, Bhavi Media makes the experience of targeted audiences all more delightful. “We are guided by the vision and requirement in all our exploits and understand that no two requirements are made the same, which is why the organization endeavors to gain a deep appreciation of every project. Bhavi Media leverage a mixture of creativity and cutting-edge media technologies to create a product that espouses vital aspects such as your vision, brand, personality, style, outlook, and organizational culture. The firm is adept at using videos and photos, as a means to establish direct contact with your target audience, and cast a compelling and indelible impression on their minds,” says Harish Verma, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Bhavi Media.

Headed by Harish Verma, a versatile creative professional having more than 26 years of experience in the field of mass media the firm offers various services such as Corporate Video Production, 2D Animation Videos, Motion Graphics Videos, and Social Media Videos and many more.
A corporate video is the most preferred, ideal and powerful marketing technique that helps organizations put across their business message on to a wide platform no matter whether it’s B2B or B2C. Further, the firm also provides a 360-degree virtual reality video definitely an esteemed addition for business. Bhavi Media also vests its focus on creating excellent videos to cover corporate events, conferences, meetings, conventions video coverage requirements and many more. The live webcasting services can be customized for corporate/ business events, board meetings, product launches, e-learning, training, conferences, seminars, webinars, presentations or video-on-demand webcasting.

Bhavi Media has served various clients over the past years such as SSIPL, Adda52, Sirion Labs, GAG Moderne, Esthetica, iMedical Hub, Tajurba Business Network, Yogpath, are to name a few. “We collaborate with our client to translate their dreams and visions into reality. Bhavi Media work as an extension of business or team, as opposed to being an out-and-out external agency. Our team first seeks to understand the requirement, vision, goals, and expectations, as well as those of our client’s target customers or audience,” mentions Harish.

Expertise in Creating videos and photos, as a means to establish a direct contact with the target audience to cast a compelling and indelible impression on their minds

Bhavi Media combines the information with their own research to identify or suggest suitable solutions that match the client’s objectives. Thereafter, it ensures that all stakeholders in the project are on the same page with regards to the feasibility and appropriateness of suggested solutions, delivery timeframe, and other crucial aspects of the project. Once the project commences, the firm work according to the predetermined plan and according to industry standards and best practices, making sure each and every aspect of the work fulfills the highest quality standards.

Bhavi Media brings together distinguished professionals with an array of specialized skills and an enduring service culture. The organization is a one-stop-shop for media production, whether it is corporate videos, documentary films, tv commercials, product videos, explainer videos, marketing videos, e-learning or how-to videos, viral videos, live webcast streaming, e-commerce and corporate photography, videography and photography coverage of events. The quality of the work and reputation speak for themselves. Bhavi Media is aware of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the environment in which it is operated, which is why the company keep abreast of all the changes and pertaining to the best practices and technologies.