Bhatai Automation: A One-Stop-Shop For High-Quality Audio-Visual Solutions

Pravinkumar Patil,Managing Director

Pravinkumar Patil

Managing Director

The magnitude of the worldwide digital signage industry was predicted to be $24.86 billion in 2022 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 8.0 percent from 2023 to 2030. The industry expansion can be attributed to the rising need for digitized goods and services marketing to reach the intended audience successfully.

A pioneer in this field, Bhatai Automation, was founded in 2018 as a system integrator and managed service provider for collaboration technologies such as video conferencing and audiovisual solutions. Since the beginning of operations, Bhatai’s goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

“We are into audio-visuals, video conferencing &collaboration technologies; we design and implement and support solutions across all industries. We are offering the digital signage solutions to distribute dynamic videos, images, text and more; direct to display screens. Our focus is on understanding how you work, what you would like to achieve and customize a solution that is right for you”, shares Pravinkumar Patil, Managing Director, Bhatai Automation.

Bhatai Automation’s offerings can be categorized into three core verticals - Solutions, Products and Rental and Services. Under the preview of the solutions vertical, Bhatai’s services encompass hospital & healthcare solutions, hotels & hospitality, digital display solutions for shopping
mall & retail stores, digital kiosk solutions, outdoor digital signage display, digital billboard, digital signage for the internal corporate communications, and automobile industry showroom. Furthermore, under the umbrella of products, Bhatai offers clients interactive flat-panel display, video walls, digital signage, projectors, video conferencing, and Virtual Reality Solutions. Lastly, within the scope of Rental and Services vertical, Bhatai covers video wall on rent, digital standee, and interactive display.

Digital signage is a competitive field since it is a development product that many can provide. However, what makes Bhatai Automation stand out from the competition is the company’s powerful content management system, which uploads, organizes, and utilizes the client’s content effectively. The firm’s solutions make it simple for clients to upload content quickly, navigate through the content playlist through search options, utilize the windows-based folder concept to organize the content, use the drag and drop features, and schedule management to streamline operations.

Bhatai Automation also leverages technology in the most effective ways not only to provide advanced solutions but also to offer the utmost security of solutions

“We also have a visual designer. Suppose, you have content and you want to push this content centralized, so, we are the only player in the market which provides seamless content to your displays whether it is on video wall or it is on other display Devices. Furthermore, the unlimited user control is also something no other player in the market provides”, elaborates Pravin.

Bhatai Automation also leverages technology in the most effective ways not only to provide advanced solutions but also to offer the utmost security of solutions. Automated alerts for instance are a unique feature of the offerings of the firm. In the event the solution or product is exposed to any type of threat, like hacking, an automated alert is sent to let you know of potential hacking. Moreover, the company has a lot of products and solutions in the pipeline focused on enhanced innovation and aims to roll them out in the next financial year.

In terms of future roadmap and expansion plans, Bhatai Automation is currently working to expand its presence geographically, adding more locations, and investing in customer acquisition in these locations. Furthermore, the firm is exploring franchise opportunities for all the products in its portfolio in addition to selling the products online.