Bhaavya Interiors: Marrying Designing Skills To Deliver Right Services In Right Way

Arch. Manikesh Choudhary ,Director & Principal Designer

Arch. Manikesh Choudhary

Director & Principal Designer

Ar. Manikesh Choudhary, Director & Principal Designer of Bhaavya Interiors, does not believe in doing different things but believes in doing things differently. In early 2011, Manikesh ­ an interior architect designer ­ realized that he was not happy with just following a mundane job profile and decided that he had enough being cogs in the wheels of a big organization.

The quest to start something of his own and the zest to make it big drove Manikesh to leave his job and start Bhaavya Interiors in 2011. Bhaavya Interiors is an award-winning and leading architect, interior design, and fit-out company in Ahmedabad with a goal to strike a balance between functionality and creativity.

The company brings to the table innovative and luxurious creations in a timely manner that fit nicely in the client's pocket. "We are one of the well-known innovative and luxury design segments. Our proven mettle lies in working on interior and architecture segments.

We always walk the talk by providing our clients with end-to-end solutions within the time and cost. For us, credibility and well-earned respect are the top priority from our clients by crafting best for them", proclaims Manikesh. Within a decade, Bhaavya Interiors boasts over 500 clients, four awards, and three offices in India.

Crafting Tailored-made Services
Bhaavya Interiors rule the hearts and minds of its clients by raising the bar to a new peak and offering a service portfolio, including architecture, interior design, turnkey projects, furniture design, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) ser-vices, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) design, 3D modeling, and decorative products. Being passionate about adding value to clients' properties, the company offers a plethora of corporate, residential, retail stores, and hospitality clients. Bhaavya Interiors encounters difficulties with every endeavor.

The company has a large client base, and each has its way of thinking, concept, and personality. Thus, Bhaavya Interiors leverages its experience in delivering tailor-made services matching the personal-ities and needs of each client. And concerning problems, the company delves deep into the clients' psyche and acts following their wishes. It innovates and creates designs based on clients' personalities, needs, preferences, and pain points. Bhaavya Interiors try to fulfill its client's dreams and choices through its excellent designs.

Bhaavya Interiors leverages its experience in delivering tailor-made services matching the personalities and needs of each client

Team ­ The Strongest Support System
Bhaavya Interiors sees its people as the most valuable as-set. The company has a closely-knit team of 16 profession-als with relevant years of experience and expertise in their segments. The team at Bhaavya Interiors is classified into project, design, and operations teams. "Our entire team is well qualified and technically sound. Each one of us pas-sionately works in the design sector. We don't copy-paste. We have projects with different views and angles, and we always give our clients fresh and innovative designs that help us stand a cut above the rest", he adds.

Bhaavya Interiors also owns a studio for photoshoots and videography after the project completion. Nearly 80 percent of the setup is in-house, while 20 percent is outsourced. The team offers its clients complete solutions for all designs. With a strong presence in cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Luc-know, Bhaavya Interiors has firmed up plans of expanding its services to North and South India shortly. The company intends to attract new customers and provide the maximum number of Indians with top-notch designs and services.