Bell Teleservices: Self Owned & Managed Optical Fiber Network

Giri N.M  Managing Director,  Sanjay Raju  Director , Antony Jude A,  Vice PresidentIn today’s digital landscape, an enterprise’s reliance on undisrupted internet connectivity is of paramount importance and the shortest of downtimes could have catastrophic consequences on businesses. The onus thus falls on service providers to ensure seamless connectivity guaranteeing availability and keeping latency and jitters at bay. Living up the industry’s necessities is Bell Tele services, provider of Internet, Telecom Infra, City Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic Services. Armed with the largest underground Optic Fibre network in Karnataka, extensive infrastructure and competent manpower, the firm has become the partner of choice of leading Enterprises, Corporates, SMEs, educational institutes, and Government. Having rendered superlative internet bandwidth and other services to over 600 enterprise customers across Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Bell Teleservices is the ideal ally for today’s connectivity needs.

End-to-End Connectivity Infrastructure
A networking chain is made up of access network, from where the signal travels through the distribution network to the
nearest Point of Presence(PoP)through the core network and goes to the internet cloud. Several ISPs lack in terms of ownership of the entire chain of infrastructure, which ultimately increases the resolution time in case a network error arises. “Often when a customer link goes down, the service provider takes time to isolate and identify where the problem is and then after a while, a ticket is raised with the last mile service provider. This process increases the turnaround and resolution time,” explains Antony Jude A, Vice President, Bell Teleservices. With no involvement of third parties, Bell Tele services owns and maintains an end-to-end network which allows the firm to resolve issues at lightning speed.

BellTele is a carrier-neutral service provider connected with multiple upstream providers to re route the customer’s traffic via an alternate path

Internet applications are latency and jitter sensitive, lower the latency better the performance, Also, carrier and oceanic level redundancy add a major role during any carrier breakdown. BellTele is a carrier neutral service provider connected with multiple upstream providers to re route the customer’s traffic via an alternate path. This ensures the best latency along with oceanic level redundancy.

Resolving Client Issues Effectively
Being the service provider to render internet bandwidth and services with its own infrastructure, Bell Teleservices is hometo a 350 strong team with expertise in
Network,IT Infrastructure, CCTV Surveillance, and Traffic Network Operations. Laying emphasis on resolving client issues at the earliest, the company has put in place a 24/7 strategic patrolling team that proactively keeps a check on internal & client networks and keeps a check on the availability of fiber network around the city. Technically adept and ever vigilant, the 24/7 network operation center follows an internal automated and annual alerting system to inform customers about any glitch. In order to effectively manage client issues, Bell Teleservices has developed a three tier support desk. Tier-1 help desk interacts with customers to understand any problem within their network, then generates tickets based on client complaints. Based on the severity of the problem being faced, the issue is allocated to Tier-2 and Tier-3 and resolved within the defined time period.

Proficiency in Services
Focused on enterprises, Bell Teleservices has designed its premium internet services to have high availability by connecting customer location to multiple PoPs on Optical fiber and also place a resilient switch at the customer location, which enables seamless auto fall-back. This ensures that the client does not go under any outage even when one fibre path is down. Other than this, Bell Services also renders shared internet, business broadband, and residential broadband. BellTele’s Internet Services comes with self owned and maintained last mile connects to multiple PoPs, upstream redundancy for best latency and jitters, proactive monitoring, service and account management with Tier-3 category service support architecture.