Beaver Infra Consultants: Conferring top-notch Consultancy and Engineering Solutions

Ranjith Soman, Managing Director,Veena Ranjith, HR Director Vijay Rajbhar, Director

Ranjith Soman

Managing Director

The availability of a sturdy and definitive infra-structure suffices a country's socio-economic exigencies. And India being one of the fastest growing economies which is constantly striving to enhance its overall market competitiveness direly needs a stable and get-at-able infrastructure services. The circumference propelled industry experts to take the responsibility of conducting researches, measure up the plan and the budget for satiating the infrastructural desideratum.

Established over a decade now, Beaver Infra Consultants has been advancing best in class consultancy and engineering solutions with the objective of ministering the entire inception and implementation of projects. The company puts forward a horde of services that can be catalogued as Project Feasibility Study, Surveys, Geological & Geotechnical Investigations, Detailed Design, MEP Services Design, On-site PMC and many others. All of these services are technically viable and available at affordable prices.

Since inception the company has actively executed projects across verticals like railways, highways, metros, few defence infrastructure, irrigation, tunnels and numerous other sub-sectors. "Beaver is supported by a team of professionals,
observing the best practices and systems to concoct a product that fits the needs of our customers.

We give equal weightage to all projects and keep evaluating the best procedures to carry off the tasks. We believe in matching pace with the developments and keep ourselves updated about the current market scenarios in order to achieve practical proficiency in various fields. We excel in planning, feasibility studies, investigation, designs, and on-site project management," states Ranjith Soman, Managing Director, Beaver Infra Consultants.

Backed by a prolific team who collaboratively work together for bringing about technical expertise and supervisory guidance, Beaver Infra Consultants have embraced and executed many challenging projects. Being associated with these projects from their nascent stage makes it mandatory for the company to have a defined blueprint of its manoeuvres. From contemplating over the plan to deciding on the designs, everything is handled by Beaver.

Beaver Infra Consultants has been advancing best in class consultancy and engineering solutions

The company has so far engineered several tunnels, roads, bridges, townships, and buildings in civil and MEP works. "Each task we undertake is unique, distinct and difficult in their individual ways. And to bring these projects to life we employ a philosophy of competency or as we in Beaver like to say 'Design to Deliver. And today we can rightly say that this has been our major approach to projects. Hence, each day give us the opportunity to work out new challenges which gradually strengthens our fundamental analysis and the core of our thinking," avers Veena Ranjith, HR Director, Beaver Infra Consultants.

In the span of 12 years, Beaver Infra Consultants has established an ascendancy over the infrastructure industry and aspires to maintain the dignity in the future as well. The firm looks forward to venture into the green infrastructure with the intention to develop sustainable structures in order to create an ecosystem that is safer, healthier and un-polluted. Paying heed to the COVID pandemic, Beaver is initiating processes that will facilitate the company and the country with competitive advantages in the long run.