B More Consulting: Shaping Future Sales Leaders

Roshan Louis Joseph, Managing Director,Ajoy Joseph, Managing Partner

Ajoy Joseph

Managing Partner

While most professionals believe that their capabilities in a field are finite, in actuality, human potential knows no bounds. Irrespective of the field, given the appropriate training, one can surpass expectations and achieve excellence.

Roshan L Joseph, a sales and marketing veteran, has dedicated his life towards empowering sales professionals unlock their hidden potential and become much more than they could ever hope for. The primary vehicle taking forward Roshan's mission is his sales development firm, B More Consulting LLP. Working out of India's business capital, Mumbai, the firm imparts technically robust sales training programs of international repute.

Working towards propagating international quality sales skills and concepts to enhance sales leadership training, B More has partnered with global leaders Carew International USA and Louis Allen International to render corporate sales training and management & leadership development programs. "Staying true to our name, B- More ensures that every sales person we work with, becomes much more than what he was, before joining our program," says Roshan.

A Tall Tree with Deep Roots
B-More stands tall on the strong foundation of Roshan's three decade long industry expertise across companies such as Eveready, Franke and Union Carbide. Throughout
his years in the industry this accomplished leader was on the lookout for a sales training program that focused on process and discipline; however, most available training programs were behavioral oriented.

Utilizing his experience in the field of sales, he designed a program `Doing the Whole Job'. The power of this simple program grew sales in his branches by close to 100%. His success promoted him to the Head Office where he created a sales training division in Eveready. Shortly, `EAST' (Eveready Academy of Sales Training) was established in Calcutta.

"While I had ample practical experience, yet I wanted to adopt a proven methodology for training and Carew International, founded by veteran sales genius Jack Carew fit the bill perfectly," narrates Roshan. Having come across the firm on one of his business trips to the US, Roshan identified that the sales training program was rigorous, thorough and goal oriented. B More has since become an official partners and conducts programs in India, Malaysia, Jordan and Middle East.

A Thorough Program
Having trained under in their Cincinnati, Ohio laboratory himself, Roshan is a Master Trainer for Carew in Asia. Additionally, two other trainers from B More have trained in the US. The firm is particular about bringing on board only highly accomplished industry experts as trainers. Facilitation is done by well-established names from the sales, marketing and communications industry. The sales development intervention yields positive results over a period of time.

"The entire program is well structured and keeps participants engrossed," adds Roshan. Participants go through exercise, games and discussion which helps them imbibe the skills in question more efficiently. The training program also helps professionals overcome the anxiety that is an inherent part of the sales process, especially when one fails to make a sale. The process reviews what steps went well, points that require improvement, understanding why a customer said no etc.

Covering modules such as negotiation, target account planning and customer service among others, B-More helps companies embed these learnings into their sales system.

Roshan believes that the toughest challenge for industry post Covid 19 will be `how to sell', which is why more than ever, the need for proficient sales executives has risen. Under the able guidance of Ajoy Joseph, the Managing Partner and B- More's future leader, the firm has trained over 400 people during this lockdown period through virtual training.

With an eye on giving back to the industry, expansion within India and the other neighbouring markets, B More is building an army of future sales leaders.