Ayaan Autonomous Systems: Nurturing Innovations with the Brightest Minds & the Latest Cutting-edge Technology

Atul Chaudhari,Founder & CEO

Atul Chaudhari

Founder & CEO

Ayaan Autonomous Systems is a drone manufacturing firm & drone-based services provider, having vision to create global impact with indigenously designed, developed, manufactured world-class UAVs for Defence, Industrial & Consumer use. Ayaan was incubated in 2015, with simple notion & a great passion for creating innovative unmanned, autonomous systems, with a vision of equip India with the futuristically advanced, good quality drones.

Ayaan Autonomous Systems has taken its inspiration from the Agricultural sector in India, focusing mainly on device interventions in farming to create Social Impact. The Drones & Unmanned Autonomous Systems are important aspects of Precision Agriculture. Ayaan started its journey & still continues working with Agriculture Research Establishments, to create a unique execution-model to adopt drone technology, providing applications from crop-health analysis, yield estimates, agro-chemical applications to the disaster assessment, by providing an aerial-visual-feeds of the fields at a stretch.

This inspiration bloomed into a wider vision & bigger dream to cater the UAVs to the other domains such as Defence & Industry. Over the period of last 3 years, Ayaan formed teams of highly skilled engineers,
with capabilities of R&D in multiple disciplines. This enabled the firm in developing all the critical components, such as Flight Controller, Speed Controllers, Avionics, Gimbal etc., in-house to achieve extremely great performance, efficiency & airworthiness. Ayaan has engineered different UAV models with over 75% indigenous contents and has plans to procure only Chips & Small Components from overseas/friendly countries.

"We intend to create a global presence with futuristic, revolutionary Drone Products with exquisite workmanship & `Made in India' tag", says the man with a vision to make India proud with world-class, well-crafted tech-products, Mr. Atul Chaudhari, Founder & CEO of Ayaan. "A drone is the ultimate device with the perfect amalgamation of electronics, aerial robotics, mechatronics, software & artificial intelligence, having the blends of precision engineering & innovation. It demands efforts from all these directions. It is challenging and we have been pursuing it with a lot of passion", mentions Atul Chaudhari.

Ayaan Autonomous builds customized advanced drone systems for the most reputed enterprises and government agencies. It also focuses on mass production for making a global impact

At the `DefenceExpo2020' held at Lucknow, Ayaan showcased their `fleet' & received immense appreciation and recognition. The firm demonstrated the capabilities to the Indian forces with positive outcomes. Ayaan's feather in the cap is the smallest UAV weighing merely 250 grams, having complete autonomous flight, the unique offering for Army. The current fleet of the products includes SpyD Nano, SpyD M1 (MTOW 2KG), SpyD S1 (MTOW 4KG), AIRavat (Tethered) Series (MTOW 50KG & 100KG) etc. Each drone is rugged built & tested for Defence use. Ayaan has produced the heavy-payload carrying AIRavat-series of tethered drones & subsystems for DRDO & BSF, for persistent surveillance capability at defence bases, borders & conflict areas.

With state-of-art Mapping Sensors and PPK-enabled payloads, Spy-D series multi rotor UAVs are unique proposition for Industrial use. With multiple USPs & economical product, the firm is expecting to disrupt the Industrial & Consumer market.

The firm is still bootstrapping but also confirmed the plans to expand the production facility at larger scale.