Continuum Aviation: Catering To The Needs Of Global General Aviation `GA' Customers Entering India And Neighbouring Countries

Harinder 'Billa' Commar,Founder & CEOIndia is poised to experience a rapid growth in the business aviation sector due its robust economic growth driven by a young population and ever growing middle class. In light of global trade tensions between the U.S and China a number of global companies have started to look at India to diversify their supply chain leading to more frequent business aviation movement. In addition, tourism related travel has also seen a marked increase over the last few years especially during the winter time in places such as Rajasthan and religious sites across the country, including Varanasi and Gaya. The country has witnessed a significant rise in the number of non-scheduled airline operators over the last few years. To meet these rising demands of the GA customers, Continuum Aviation Private Limited (CAPL) was incorporated in the year 2014. Continuum Aviation has emerged as one of the leading ground handling service providers in India that exclusively cater to the travelling demands of the global non-scheduled private jet operators.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Continuum Aviation has managed to build a pan Indian presence, having offices in all major Indian metropolitan cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore; with capability to do operations in all the airports spread across India. In addition, the company has also built a strong presence across the neighbouring countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. The enterprise mainly focuses on the inter-national in-bound traffic coming into India and its neighbours with a strong set of customers from across the globe (U.S, Europe, Middle-East, Russia and East Asia), including many of the For-tune 100 companies. The company offers all the conceivable services in the aviation industry
from GH services , parking and slots, landing and overfly permits, secure transportation to even catering and hotel arrangements to its customers.

With a business operation that is available 24x7, 365 days of the year, the company aims to offer flexibility to its customers. Known to be going out of their way to support customers and always trying to think ahead of what the customers might request. Over the years Continuum Aviation has handled Heads of States, Fortune 100 CEO's, Sports Teams and Film crews. "Each type of customer comes with a unique set of challenges and we believe in conducting our services flawlessly no matter how difficult the challenge is", says the CEO & Founder, Harinder `Billa' Commar.


Continuum being a family owned yet professionally run business is able to acquire the flexibility to think, invest and build strong reputation among its customers in the long run without worrying about short term blips. Back in 2019, the company has won Leading Supervision Agent (General Aviation service) Category Award from South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) held in Sri Lanka. Continuum has the unique combination of professionals and family working side by side that has allowed the company to take such strides forward in a short span of time.

With a business operation that is available 24x7, 365 days of the year, the company aims to offer flexibility to its customers

As a young and dynamic company, Continuum Aviation is constantly seeking expansion, upgrades and innovations in the near future. It has plans to expand its offices in Colombo in Sri Lanka soon to be followed in Dhaka in Bangladesh. Moreover, domestically it has plans to significantly increase their on-ground presence in Rajasthan and other tourist hot spots across India where there is strong in-flow of tourists. With a revenue growth rate of 40 percent in the past three consecutive years, CAPL has emerged as the leading provider of GH services to GA customers across India and the neighbouring countries of the Subcontinent.