Avenue Sound: Electronically Engineering The Way You Live

Ashish Hingorani,PartnerWith three decades of experience, Avenue Sound offers industry leading HA solutions fully customized according to its client’s comfort level, owing to a professional team having knowledge of not just automation, but all the corresponding services which can be integrated with automation. Certified in Lighting Control Systems, Automation Programming, Installation of Renewable Energy Solutions and more, the passionate team adeptly handles everything from Security and Window Shadings to HVAC Systems, offering their clients a single solution provider who can execute all aspects of the integration.

One of Avenue Sound’s core values is it does not distinguish between the size, nor the budget, of any installation. Every installation is taken through the company’s trusted process to ensure quality workmanship, and most of all, an easy to use hassle free solution for the end user. “Our entire team understands the values and efforts which go into completing a project to the standards which Avenue Sound has committed to upholding,” asserts Ashish Hingorani, Partner,Avenue Sound.

The Unique Client-focused Process

Avenue Sound takes ample time to research every aspect of the installation & creates a virtual installation of the project using industry-leading software & design tools before completing the physical installation

Avenue Sound focuses on educating its clients rather than selling them a solution they do not require. It constantly blog,email or post the latest in automation technologies or new product introductions to help its newsletter subscribers, social media followers and clients make an informed decision by transferring them the knowledge it gained through attending exhibitions & trainings worldwide. The company studies clients’ requirements & the relevant automation scope of work, and proceeds to integrate customized solutions that work for their needs, schedules, overall budget and design. Avenue Sound takes ample time to research every aspect of the installation & creates a virtual installation of the project using industry-leading software & design tools before completing the physical installation. This allows Avenue Sound to plan for unexpected anomalies and ensures a smooth & efficient final installation. “We’ve mitigated numerous issues by using quality hardware and strategically planning placement (keeping network & automation hardware in AV/Network rack with systematic cabling, accessible to only authorized individuals) & unobstructed operation,” adds Ashish.

With five showrooms across New
York, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Dhaka (Bangladesh), Avenue Sound appreciates that its after sales service is as crucial a factor in maintaining a long term relationship with its clients, as is the initial installation. Using remote network monitoring tools which inform the company about a client’s service outage immediately, it is able to quickly resolve most outages, drop offs or other service related issues without having to dispatch a technician on site. Even before the client has a chance to experience a difficulty in their system, Avenue Sound’s team is able to remotely resolve the problem without disturbing a client’s time and privacy. The remote monitoring services which the company implements not only monitor service outages, but solar energy intake as well. This allows Avenue Sound to enhance energy efficiency by programming appliances, electronics and lighting to be utilized in maximum capacity while solar energy consumption is highest, and sparingly during grid power usage.

With emerging trends in the automation industry geared towards AR apps that allow users to view a device's virtual roadmap /video tutorials by pointing their smartphone camera at them, Avenue Sound aims to empower clients to control their entire space through AR smart buttons and gesture control. With their focus on strong customer service, client education and a unique process from start to finish of any custom installation,Avenue Sound has seen a 35 percent growth of its total sales in 2017 from its Home Automation division, and forecast the same to raise above 50 percent in 2018.