AutoKartz: A One - Stop - Shop for All Post - Ownership Car Needs

Sagar Paliwal, Founder & CEO,Mohit Nagar, Co-Founder & COO

Sagar Paliwal, Founder & CEO

Mohit Nagar, Co-Founder & COO

Cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great Gothic cathedrals: a creation of an era, conceived with state-of-the-art designs, classy interiors and staunch build, there by becoming one's price possession. But with time,the need for upgraded servicing along with replacement for worn out parts and renewal of insurance becomes tedious tasks altogether. The sparse knowledge of the spare parts and the fact that any thing beyond the basic service by the authorized service centres is 35-40 percent more expensive turns to be the major dead lock for a car owner. Unlocking the closed ports, AutoKartz(established in 2015) caters to all verticals of post vehicle ownership.

The New Delhi-based automobile portal provides all spare parts, accessories & services that you need for your car, whether it's car cover, seat cover, mats, music systems, regular servicing, denting & painting, modification, accessorizing or renewal of insurances. Partnering with a number of spare part manufacturers PAN India, AutoKartz provides cent percent assurance of genuine
( duplicity)along with slashed costs(down by 30-40 percent). The customer can order parts online, be it any part for any brand (from Maruti Suzuki to Rolls Royce), and with a huge network of parts providers from all over India and abroad, the company does a authorised parts next day delivery. "Our USP is our ability to deliver any auto spare parts at best price deal at earliest possible time. As a profit oriented company, we keep our margins low so that we can keep our volumes high," adds Sagar. Even though the company has Mahindra, Carnation and third party garage owners & authorized dealers as confederates, still it ensures zero duplicity in parts by its own quality managers who take care that only premium parts gets shifted to the customer.

Apart from the fitment & performance guarantee and zero return ratios on spare parts,AutoKartz not only caters to the services upon used car ownership segment, but it also sells used car as add -on service via a different portal

Add-On Services
Apart from the fitment & performance guarantee and zero return ratios on spare parts, AutoKartz not only caters to the services upon used car ownership segment, but it also sells used car as add on service via a different portal. All the cars are verified by specified agents before they are listed on the platform. And in
association with 'Insuranceubs', AutoKartz eases the customers’ insurance processing flow with getting an easy renewal or availing a new insurance for the car at discounted rates.

With dual ad hoc services of finding a service centre and registering for road assistance,the portal is expanding rapidly and continuously bringing in new services and new features. Be it vendors, garage owners, local mechanics and service providers, the autoparts company progressively encourages them to do more and do better. "We provide them with customers who come to our portal who are in requirement of auto services," asserts Sagar Paliwal, CEO, AutoKartz.

On the Timeline
Currently focusing on two unique portals, this young startup is heavily backed up by its web technologies. On the verge of launch in the near future, one portal is utterly based on auto servicing where in all the garage owners shall benefit, and another portal will be ameliorating the vendors PAN India. AutoKartz tech team is helping in creating better training patterns and equipping a knowledge database for all the technicians, which they can use to understand how parts work, how latest gizmo works, best way to diagnose a car with least amount of time frame and several others.

With the bull's eye on organizing the approximate $80 billion auto-market, AutoKartz projects to reach $5-6 million revenue in the prevailing fiscal year, thus being one of those few startups in India which is in fact cash rich and remunerative.