Auto Pavilion: Acquiring Right Cars to Give Quality Service

Atique Memon, Founder

Atique Memon


Customers today are more conscious than ever, and have started to do proper online research before heading to an automobile dealership. The conventional method of comparing multiple cars on the list and buying the suitable one has transformed after the penetration of internet based car dealership business deluged the market. With a growing number of smartphone users and internet utilization, the stage of automotive portal has become mature for lucrative business deals. Auto Pavilion, based out of Mumbai, is an automotive portal that does not compromise in terms of quality products. The portal focuses to dig on the strategies regarding customer satisfaction.

Conceptualizing a Customer-centric Approach
For business centred on the sales of pre-
owned cars, the process of acquisition and sale of cars have equal impact in their business. Auto Pavilion emphasize on quality and customer service that satisfies customers at both ends. The company
anticipate for acquiring right cars which goes to the end customer. The segment of preowned car sales is driven by unorganized sector. In the years ahead, Auto Pavilion has foreseen to derive an operation model where they can tie up multiple physical service points and volume based services to the end-user. The company is paddling to gain a repeat sale, where the customers return for another purchase. “We openly tell the buyer about the procurement source and the point of potential problems that are present. Some unprofessional car dealers have plagued the preowned segment, where many innocent customers would fall prey for them”, says Atique Memon, Founder, Auto Pavilion. Today there are many models and parameters to be checked that assures the quality of the cars. Preowned cars segment is growing at a rapid pace with new cars hitting the market.

Auto Pavilion emphasize on quality and customer service that satisfies customers at both ends

While cars move in and out, Atique executes a detailed check on each and every parameter. For him, the end customer is his firsthand advertisement. Auto Pavilion has associated with many car dealers and manufacturing companies. For financial assistance, the company has tied up with Jammu and Kashmir Bank. Auto Pavilion envisions giving an end-to-end solution, where the customer will not be left in lurch after buying the product. Primarily, the customer will be given a detailed idea about the product for its pros and cons, and service details. The company then negotiate with the customer on the special requests for servicing. Auto Pavilion has technicians with a track record of more than 20 to 25 years of experience in quality checks and other services. The company bears a team of people who are into different segments such as pre owned cars, premium cars, and super premium cars.