Atlaspoint Tech: Driving Digital Transformation through Geospatial Solutions

  Dr. Suresh S,    Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Suresh S

Founder & Managing Director

The rapid development and transformation of geospatial technologies are reshaping how we collect, analyze, and interpret spatial data. And that’s why, the Global LiDAR Market Size is expected to reach $4.83 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 13.8 percent during the forecast period 2021 to 2030. Atlaspoint Tech, a forerunner in geospatial technology, has emerged as one of the major players in the digital mapping and planning industry. The company has steadily grown and expanded its services since its inception in 2013 with the goal of creating employment opportunities and having a significant impact on the nation.

“We meet accuracy, mapping, and client standards. This starts with identifying the need, choosing the best approach, and efficiently producing high-quality mapping products. Because we believe in urban planning, we're also hiring young people: GIS technology helps city planners visualize and analyze data on population growth, land use, infrastructure, transportation, and environmental issues. This data can help city planners plan ahead”, explains Dr. Suresh S, Founder & Managing Director, Atlaspoint Tech.

Transforming Mapping & Planning with Innovative Technologies
Atlaspoint has established itself as a provider of comprehensive services by providing UAV services, LiDAR data processing, engineering, ortho photography, IT development services, and web GIS. Among these services, LiDAR detection stands out as the flagship product due to its exceptional mapping and planning capabilities. Whether it's for road construction, transportation,
telecommunications, oil, and gas, or flood management, LiDAR technology offers precise and cost-effective planning solutions that save a substantial amount of time, energy, and resources.

To provide these cutting-edge services, Atlaspoint relies on advanced technologies such as LiDAR sensors for digital mapping and aerial mapping technology. The company has expertise in software testing, data processing, and a variety of mapping techniques. Due to expensive investment and maintenance requirements, some equipment and materials are acquired from external suppliers, but the majority of the mapping and processing-related hardware and software is owned and maintained by the organization. “Atlaspoint's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart. The business prioritizes customer service, trends, and originality. The team works to simplify, improve, and lower its services through research and development. Atlaspoint, a registered private limited company, follows various certifications, regulatory compliances, and government guidelines to meet local and international standards”, adds Dr. Suresh S.

Sanath Amin, General Manager Operations & Mohithpal Kunder, Global Head Marketing

Furthermore, Atlaspoint has served Indian government agencies such as irrigation and highway authorities. It has also collaborated with foreign telecommunications and road construction agencies. Additionally, the company's dedication to corporate social responsibility is reflected in its CSR initiatives, which include tree-planting programs, job creation for rural youth, and numerous training initiatives. Awards such as the Social Star Award, Excellence Award, and Seva Ratan Award have been granted in recognition of these achievements.

Thus, Atlaspoint emphasizes continuous improvement and employee satisfaction to create a positive workplace and retain skilled workers. In future, Gulf expansion and globalization are the company's goals. Atlaspoint aims to change the geospatial industry by bridging rural and global communities through technology and indigenous employment. Atlaspoint remains committed to high-quality services, customer satisfaction, and geospatial technology innovation. The company is well-positioned to shape the future of digital mapping and planning, impacting local and global landscapes with its unwavering commitment to excellence.