Atcon Care Solutions: End-to-End Waterproofing Systems for Longer Durability of a Structure

Atul Deshmukh,Founder & MD

Atul Deshmukh

Founder & MD

Waterproofing plays an important role in the construction field. Waterproofing solutions ensure longer durability of the structure, hence reduces maintenance costs. As per the market evolution, water proofing demand is gradually increasing from various end-use industries. India is one of the largest countries owing to its growth in the construction sector. This increase in construction activities is creating additional demand in India for waterproofing solutions. Since the building and construction industry is stagnant in developed regions, waterproofing solutions are mostly required in developing countries for applications related to repairs. The last decade has therefore seen an increasing growth of companies that provide waterproofing solutions in India. One such company is Atcon Care Solutions based out of Pune established in June, 2018. Atcon Care Solutions is a leading waterproofing solution provider, specializing in providing waterproofing systems where protecting shelters is a key requirement for all the structures.

Atcon Care Solutions offers various products and their applications of various brands in the water proofing field like MYK Arment, Pidilite Industries, Chougule Construction Chemicals, Kerakoll, Fosroc, Asian Paints and Lewis Berger. The company offers various products for PPC, footing, lift pits, all types of
tanks (UGWT, STP, ETP), retaining walls, podiums, open terraces, swimming pools, and other utilities in the house. Years of planning, execution and putting up a team together with the most diversified product range and experienced Engineers and applicators has helped them provide exceptional construction solutions to all its esteemed clients. The sole focus at Atcon Care Solutions is to provide Waterproofing solutions. “We at Atcon are one of the leading waterproofing companies which have made its position in the market with its dedication and hard-working and goal orien adds Atul Deshmukh, Founder and MD of Atcon Care Solutions.

We maintain good standards, provide reliable, maintenance-free solutions with guaranteed performance, protect shelters and create happiness in life

Paranjape Schemes Constructions Ltd, VTP Realty, Amanora Park Town, Abhinav Group, Karan Builders, Karma Realty and Kalyani Fortune Properties are some of the renowned companies that have leveraged Atcon's services and solutions. Describing one challenging project that Atcon had to handle, Mr. Atul spoke of Mudra from Solitaire Group. This company had experienced more than 5000 sq ft of podium leakage. When Atcon was brought in, the source of the leak was unknown, and the client was ready to uproot the entire 5000+ sq ft podium to rectify the problem. However, using the trial and error method along with its team expertise, Atcon was able to find the source of the problem and was able to cure the leak at its source. The team at Atcon was also the mastermind who helped curate the roof canopy and overhead watertank on the 45th Floor of tallest building in Pune at Amanora Park Town.

Atcon believes in two important factors,Quality and Customer Satisfaction. The major expectation or demand of customers is to get waterproofing services at a minimal cost with effective lifespan. “We always think that the customers should get the proper waterproofing treatment in a satisfactory manner and cost. We provide services in which customers are satisfied rather than making money from it,” adds Atul. As a process-driven company, the team at Atcon conducts weekly meetings to get the detailed status of each project and accordingly plans the future course of action. With a well qualified and experienced team at every level of operation, today, the company has emerged as the leading waterproofing solutions Provider Company in the construction industry.