ASD Cyber Security: Offering Excellence In The Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Riddhi Soral,CEOBusiness must audit their Websites and Mobile Apps on a regular basis to stay safe from any serious cyber threat. Security testing has become a must for any business functioning digitally and this is adding fuel to businesses offering cybersecurity and products and services. Although the scope of cyber security has increased drastically by adopting new technologies but businesses face a lot of challenges to offer seamless services to clients as the market demands change almost daily and it is a daunting task to keep evolving the infrastructure and application logics as per client needs. Amidst such market dynamics only a few companies establish themselves as trusted players in the sector and offers advanced cybersecurity solutions to clients on a daily basis. ASD Cyber Security is one such thriving company.

It is one of the most promising vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service providers in India currently. The company delivers VAPT/ Source Code Review services to businesses based in more than 10 countries including India, UAE, USA, UK, and China. It offers the expertise of 100+ Security Analyst who offer support to clients, quality assurance in any project spread across three levels of rigorous testing, pen-tester on project and even daily basis, certified resource such as CEH, OSCP, CISA, CISSP and more.

ASD Cyber Security works in tandem with its clients requirements in terms of TAT and security testing needs. After phase 1 security testing clients need support to understand
the report, vulnerabilities and need assistance to know how to patch that vulnerability. Thus the company ensures that they are available to assist every client 24/7.

A few of the on-site manual and automated security testing services offered by the company are Secure Source Code Review and Quality Check, Network VAPT, Web App VAPT, Mobile App VAPT, API VAPT, Cloud Server VAPT, Wireless VAPT, Infrastructure Security Audit, IoT VAPT, Red Teaming and Post Forensic Testing. The team uses license software and follows standard owasp top 10/ NIST Top 20 checklist to verify the risk associated with the third-party application. It ensures to perform manual penetration testing to verify the existence of the vulnerability and the extent of it. In Addition, based on CIA it also calculates the risk associated with the vulnerability during any security audit.

Tapan Kumar Jha, CEO

"Our team always make our clients aware about latest security threats and conducts live session to make them understand how these threats affect their company in terms of security. It's not only the services that we are delivering but a promise to offer excellence and enhance customer experience as much as possible," says Tapan Kumar Jha, CEO, ASD Cyber Security.

It's not only the services that we are delivering but a promise to offer excellence and enhance customer experience as much as possible

The Future Roadmap
Till date the company has offered its services with both large businesses and SMBs. It is currently working with an aim to empower every business, even the ones with lower budget to stay cyber smart and keep threats in check. Thus it is planning to offer its advanced services of VAPT, Source Code Review for their Mobile Application, Website, Software, Network at as low cost as possible. "Our main goal is to provide best results to all companies around the world, trying our level best to make organizations product totally bug free," Riddhi Soral, CEO, ASD Cyber Security.